Creating a Marriagable NPC

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The following procedure will make any NPC marriagable.

  1. Create an NPC using the Bethesda Tutorial Creating an Actor. Then make the following changes on each of the tabs in the NPC setup window.
  2. Factions Tab: Add the following with the rank appearing in the first column: 0 PotentialMarriageFaction.
  3. Relationship Tab: Right click and select New, and add the following in the popup window:
    • Name: NPCFormIDPlayerRelationship (CMBreePlayerRelationship for example).
    • Parent: Should already be filled in with NPC FormID(i.e. CMBree). Do not change it.
    • Child: Player,
    • Relationship: Lover,
    • Association: None
  4. Traits Tab: The Voice - This is very important. There is a condition to trigger the "You interested in me?" dialogue. It appears Bethesda only recorded this for a few specific voice types. If you pick any other voice type you can't marry this NPC.
    • Meh
    • Meh
    • Meh
    • Meh
  5. Make any additional changes you want, click File on the top menu, and save your changes. You can now marry this NPC.

Remember that you need to have spoken to Maramal about marriage, and you need to wear an Amulet of Mara.