Creating a Weapon Mount

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Weapon Mounts are a convenient and visually pleasant way for the player to store weapons and shields. This tutorial will show you how to add these to your mod.

Weapon Plaque[edit | edit source]

A Weapon Plaque allows the player to display one weapon at a time. All kinds of weapons can be used.

Adding an empty Weapon Plaque[edit | edit source]

  • From the Object Window, drag WeaponRackPlaquePlayerHouse and WeaponRackPlaqueACTIVATORPlayerHouse into the Render Window with the desired cell loaded.
    • Both can be found under WorldObjects\Activator\Clutter\WeaponRack.
  • Edit the references and link them together.
    • WeaponRackPlaquePlayerHouse > In the Linked Ref tab, add WeaponRackPlaqueACTIVATORPlayerHouse with the keyword WRackActivator.
    • WeaponRackPlaqueACTIVATORPlayerHouse > In the Linked Ref tab, add WeaponRackPlaquePlayerHouse with the keyword WRackTrigger.
  • Move both objects to the desired location in the cell and cover the mount (WeaponRackPlaquePlayerHouse) with the white box(WeaponRackPlaqueACTIVATORPlayerHouse).

Adding a weapon to a Weapon Plaque[edit | edit source]

  • Drag the weapon from the Object Window into the Render Window, it can be placed anywhere in the cell.
  • WeaponRackPlaqueACTIVATORPlayerHouse > In the Linked Ref tab, add the weapon, leave the keyword blank (NONE).

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • If a weapon is laying on the ground instead of being mounted on a weapon mount, just leave the room (cell) and come back.
  • Once you have synchronized the placement of the Weapon Plaque and the Activator a Player might not be able to retrieve the weapon. Moving the Plaque and the Activator further away from the wall is one way to resolve this. Another alternative is to place the Activator slightly in front of the Weapon Plaque. So if the X cord for the Weapon Plaque is 492.0, then make the X Cord of the Activator +/- 5.0 depending on which way it's facing. This also seems to resolve the issue where once a Player places a Weapon on the Plaque it is located off in mid air quite a ways away from the Weapon Plaque. Doing this will not make the weapon appear to be sitting in mid air in front of the Weapon Plaque. (1)

(1) This does not resolve the same issue using WeaponRackCOALeftPlayerHouse, WeaponRackCOARightPlayerHouse, and WeaponRackCOAMidPlayerHouse and their corresponding triggers.