Creation Kit Interface Cheat Sheet

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Menu Shortcuts
Save Ctrl+S Save the active plugin.
Undo Ctrl+Z Undo the last action in the current window or field.
Redo Ctrl+Y Redo the last Undone action.
Cut Ctrl+X Cut the current selection.
Copy Ctrl+C Copy the current selection.
Paste Ctrl+V Paste the copied item.
Paste in Place Ctrl+Shift+V Paste the copied item with no offset.
Move Ctrl+M In the Render Window, move the copied item instead of creating a new reference.
Move in Place Ctrl+Shift+M In the Render Window, move the copied item instead of creating a new reference. Maintains the same coordinates.
Duplicate Ctrl+D In the Render Window, duplicate the selected item.
Find Ctrl+F Open the Find/Replace Window.
Find Next F3 Find the next item in the current search.
Find Prev F2 Find the previous item in the current search.
Camera Controls
Pan MMB+Mouse
Hold the middle mouse button and use the mouse to pan the camera (or hold the spacebar)
Orbit Shift+Mouse Hold shift and use the mouse to orbit around a selection
Zoom Scroll Wheel or V+Mouse The Scroll wheel will zoom in/out from the selection
Focus Camera Shift+F Snap Camera position to selection bounds
Top View T Force a top-down view
Cycle Views C Cycle through pre-set camera angles
Orthographic Projection 0
Toggle between Orthographic/Perspective projection (advanced users only)
Object Manipulation
Movement Left-Click+Drag Click and hold to drag to move the selection on the horizontal XY axis
Rotation Right-Click+Drag Click and hold RMB to rotate the selection
Axis Constraint Z/X/C Hold Z, X, or C to constrain movement or rotation to the Z, X, or Y axis.
Grid Snap Q Toggle snap-to-grid for movement and rotation
Scale S Hold S and left-click drag to scale the selection. Uniform scaling only.
Drop to Ground F Drops the selected object to the nearest surface.
De-Select D Removes all objects from current selection
Gizmo Helpers
Move Gizmo E Enables gizmo w/Handles for XYZ axes and bi-axis planes
Rotate Gizmo W Enables gizmo w/Handles for XYZ rotation
Scale Gizmo 2 Enables scaling Gizmo w/XYZ handles for non-uniform scaling of primitives
Visibility Toggles
Refresh F5 Refreshes the current cell and unhides all hidden objects.
Unhide All Alt-1 Unhides all hidden objects.
Toggle Hidden 1 Makes the current selection visible/translucent/invisible in the editor.
Toggle Markers M Toggles Markers on/off.
Toggle Light Radius L Toggles Light Radius on/off.
Toggle Bright Light A Toggles the default light on/off.
Toggle Sky Y Toggles the sky and sky lighting on/off.
Toggle Wireframe 7 / W Toggles Wireframe on/off. Render view / Preview window
Toggle Collision Geometry F4 Toggles collision geometry on/off.
Toggle Toggle Water Shift+W Toggles Water on/off.
Toggle Cell Borders B In the Exterior, toggles Cell Borders on/off.
Toggle Grass 8 Toggles Animated Grass on/off.