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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Crafting categories, shown in-game when the player uses a crafting station such as a forge, are a way for the player to identify the material or type of item that will be crafted. Although some aspects of these categories are hard-coded, it is possible to customize them to a large degree.

Background[edit | edit source]

A category consists of four components: a label, a Game Setting, one or more Default Objects, and one or more Keywords. Only the label and the Keyword(s) can be changed.

InDepth.jpg Label

This is the text that appears in-game to identify the category. For example: IRON, STEEL, IMPERIAL, JEWELRY. Note that all of the labels in the English version of the game are in uppercase. This is not a requirement. In fact, the Dawnguard DLC adds a custom category label 'Aetherium' spelt with a single capital 'A'.

InDepth.jpg Game Setting

The Game Setting is a key that provides access to a value. For categories, the value is a String that represents the label of the category. Game settings are part of the game and their keys can not be modified. Which game settings are used as categories is hard-coded in the game as well. This means the number of categories is limited by the game itself and cannot be modified using the Creation Kit. Game Settings are found in the Creation Kit by selecting the 'Gameplay' menu and then selecting the 'Settings...' menu item.

InDepth.jpg Default Object

Default Objects are hard-coded objects that the game can always access. Some of the Default Objects are of the type 'keyword', meaning they point to Keyword objects in the Creation Kit. Although the list of Default Objects is determined by the game and cannot be modified, it is possible to modify the Keyword object each Default Object points to. There are a number of Default Object keywords that represent crafting materials/categories. Default Objects are found in the Creation Kit by selecting the 'Gameplay' menu and the selecting the 'Default Objects...' menu item.

InDepth.jpg Keyword

A Keyword is a named object that can be added to most other objects. You can modify the list of Keywords using the Creation Kit. Through the use of Keywords you can make sure items such as armor and weapons appear in the correct category. This only works for Keywords pointed to by a Default Object that is actually mapped to a Game Setting (as explained below).

Default categories[edit | edit source]

The game defines the crafting categories through a hard-coded mapping between Default Objects and Game Settings. This mapping cannot be changed. However, you can change the label for each Game Setting and the Keyword for each Default Object. The table below shows the default configuration.

Label Game Setting Default Object Keyword Notes
DAEDRIC sDaedric Keyword - Armor Material Daedric

Keyword - Weapon Material Daedric



DRAGON sDragon Keyword - Armor Material Dragonbone

Keyword - Armor Material Dragonplate
Keyword - Armor Material Dragonscale



mismatch: Armor vs Weap
DRAUGR sDraugr Keyword - Weapon Material Draugr

Keyword - Weapon Material DraugrHoned



the game does not have any craftable objects made of this material

DWARVEN sDwarven Keyword - Armor Material Dwarven

Keyword - Weapon Material Dwarven



EBONY sEbony Keyword - Armor Material Ebony

Keyword - Weapon Material Ebony



ELVEN sElven Keyword - Armor Material Elven

Keyword - Armor Material ElvenSplinted
Keyword - Weapon Material Elven



mismatch: Splinted vs Gilded

FALMER sFalmer Keyword - Weapon Material Falmer
Keyword - Weapon Material FalmerHoned
the game does not have any craftable objects made of this material
FOOD sFood Not sure wich criteria need to be fullfilled to appear in the FOOD category, seems no Keyword since cooked food desn't have a keyword at all, but FOOD definetly appears on cooking spits/pots.
GLASS sGlass Keyword - Armor Material Glass

Keyword - Weapon Material Glass



HIDE sHide Keyword - Armor Material Hide ArmorMaterialHide
IMPERIAL sImperial Keyword - Armor Material Imperial

Keyword - Armor Material ImperialHeavy
Keyword - Armor Material ImperialReinforced
Keyword - Weapon Material Imperial



mismatch: Imperial vs ImperialLight

mismatch: Reinforced vs Studded

IRON sIron Keyword - Armor Material Iron

Keyword - Armor Material IronBanded
Keyword - Weapon Material Iron



JEWELRY sJewelry Keyword - Jewelry ArmorJewelry mismatch: Jewelry vs ArmorJewelry
LEATHER sLeather Keyword - Armor Material FullLeather ArmorMaterialLeather mismatch: FullLeather vs Leather
ORCISH sOrcish Keyword - Armor Material Orcish

Keyword - Weapon Material Orcish



STEEL sSteel Keyword - Armor Material Scaled

Keyword - Armor Material Steel
Keyword - Armor Material SteelPlate
Keyword - Weapon Material Steel



STUDDED sStudded Keyword - Armor Material Studded ArmorMaterialStudded used by only one item in the game: Studded Armor
WOOD sWood Keyword - Weapon Material Wood WeapMaterialWood the game does not have any craftable objects made of this material
HOUSEHF sGenericCraftKeywordName01 Keyword - Generic Craftable Keyword 01 BYOHHouseCraftingCategoryBuildingHF
CONTAINERSHF sGenericCraftKeywordName02 Keyword - Generic Craftable Keyword 02 BYOHHouseCraftingCategoryContainersHF
FURNITUREHF sGenericCraftKeywordName03 Keyword - Generic Craftable Keyword 03 BYOHHouseCraftingCategoryFurnitureHF
WEAPON RACKSHF sGenericCraftKeywordName04 Keyword - Generic Craftable Keyword 04 BYOHHouseCraftingCategoryWeaponRacksHF
SHELVESHF sGenericCraftKeywordName05 Keyword - Generic Craftable Keyword 05 BYOHHouseCraftingCategoryShelfHF
EXTERIORHF sGenericCraftKeywordName06 Keyword - Generic Craftable Keyword 06 BYOHHouseCraftingCategoryExteriorHF
BUILDING MATERIALSHF sGenericCraftKeywordName07 Keyword - Generic Craftable Keyword 07 BYOHHouseCraftingCategorySmithingHF
BITS sGenericCraftKeywordName08 Keyword - Generic Craftable Keyword 08 -NONE-
BOBS sGenericCraftKeywordName09 Keyword - Generic Craftable Keyword 09 -NONE-
AetheriumDG sGenericCraftKeywordName10 Keyword - Generic Craftable Keyword 10 DLC1LD_CraftingMaterialAetheriumDG The category is renamed to AETHERIUM by the Heartfire DLC
BONEMOLDDB -NONE- Keyword - Armor Material Heavy Bonemold

Keyword - Armor Material Light Bonemold



Category name is defined in the Translate_LANGUAGE.txt files found in \Skyrim\Data\Interface\

$Crafting_$DLC2ArmorBonemold BONEMOLD
CHITINDB -NONE- Keyword - Armor Material Heavy Chitin

Keyword - Armor Material Light Chitin



Category name is defined in the Translate_LANGUAGE.txt files found in \Skyrim\Data\Interface\

$Crafting_$DLC2ArmorChitin CHITIN
NORDICDB -NONE- Keyword - Armor Material Heavy Nordic

Keyword - Armor Material Light Nordic
Keyword - Weapon Material Nordic



Category name is defined in the Translate_LANGUAGE.txt files found in \Skyrim\Data\Interface\

$Crafting_$DLC2ArmorNordic NORDIC
STALHRIMDB -NONE- Keyword - Armor Material Heavy Stalhrim

Keyword - Armor Material Light Stalhrim
Keyword - Weapon Material Stalhrim



Category name is defined in the Translate_LANGUAGE.txt files found in \Skyrim\Data\Interface\

$Crafting_$DLC2ArmorStalhrim STALHRIM

Custom categories[edit | edit source]

To customize a category, one can either change its label, change the attached Keyword (or Keywords), or both.

Example 1[edit | edit source]

The category STUDDED has only one matching item in game (Studded Armor). Let's say you want to redefine the category as CLOTHING. To do this, you first have to lookup the corresponding Game Setting (sStudded). Game Settings are found in the Creation Kit by selecting the 'Gameplay' menu and then selecting the 'Settings...' menu item. You can find this particular setting most easily by entering 'sStudded' in the filter. Selecting the setting in the list will show the input field to the right containing the label for the category. Change this to CLOTHING.


At this point, what you have accomplished is for Studded Armor to appear in a category called CLOTHING. Next, you'll have to change the Keyword for the Default Object for the original STUDDED category. You do this by looking up the 'Keyword - Armor Material Studded' keyword in the list of Default Objects. Default Objects are found in the Creation Kit by selecting the 'Gameplay' menu and the selecting the 'Default Objects...' menu item. Selecting the Default Object in the list will show the drop-down box to the right containing the Keyword. Change the Keyword to ArmorClothing.


What you have accomplished at this point is that all items in the game that are marked with the 'ArmorClothing' Keyword will appear in the CLOTHING category, provided there is a Constructible Object (a.k.a. crafting recipe) available for the item. Note that because the 'ArmorStudded' Keyword is not mapped to any category anymore, Studded Armor will now appear in the MISC category. This can be fixed by adding a different Keyword to the list of Keywords for the Armor object 'ArmorStuddedCuirass'.

Example 2[edit | edit source]

Let's say that you want to create a new category for some mithril items you have created for your mod. The main difference with Example 1 is that in this case you need to create a custom Keyword to attach to your items. Because you don't have the option of mapping multiple keywords to one category (like the game does for the IMPERIAL category for example), you should name your Keyword something like 'EXAMPLE_CraftingMaterialMithril'. That way, you can use just one Keyword for all items (such as armor and weapons) you add in your mod. Keywords can be added in the 'Miscellaneous'->'Keywords' section of the Object Window.

Once you've done this, you should basically follow the steps from Example 1. However, because you are defining an entirely new category, you'll want to use one of the "generic" Game Settings 'sGenericCraftKeywordName' 01 through 09 (10 is already in use by the Dawnguard DLC, so don't use that, and 1-7 are in use by Hearthfire, so you shouldn't use those either - which means that only 8 and 9 are available). You'll have to change the label of the Game Setting to 'MITHRIL'. Then you have to lookup the corresponding Default Object 'Keyword - Generic Craftable Material Keyword' and set its Keyword to your newly created 'EXAMPLE_CraftingMaterialMithril' Keyword.

Of course, for this to have any visible effect in the game, you'll need to create Constructible Objects (a.k.a. crafting recipes) for each of your items as well.