Exterior Cells

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Exterior cells belong to a Worldspace, and are part of the worldspace's landscape, which is basically a grid that extends infinitely in all directions. Each exterior cell is 4096 units by 4096 units (or approximately 192x192ft or 58.5x58.5m). Each vertex in an exterior cell is 128 units (6ft) apart.

All exterior cells are automatically given a grid number that represents their [X,Y] position from the center of the world. You will see this in the Render Window title as you select objects.

Common Data

Common Data Tab[edit | edit source]

  • Location: Set the location for this cell.
  • Default Acoustic: Sets the acoustic space for the cell.
  • Music type: Default music type for this cell.
  • ImageSpace: ImageSpace effect that is shown for this cell.
  • Has Water - Check if you want this cell to have water. (Only for Interior Cells)
    • Height: Water level
    • Water: Select Water type for this cell
    • Linear/Angular Velocity: Used for setting the current direction/speed.
  • Force Hide Land - Used for hiding landscape. (Only for Exterior Cells)
    • Quad 1-4: Which Quad of the Exterior Cell you want hidden. (Note that even though the landscape is invisible the collision still remains)
  • No LOD Water: Water doesn't show up when this cell is outside the loaded area
  • Hand Changed: Useful for exterior cells that have been edited and should not be affected by procedural generation.
  • Can't Travel From Here: Check to disable fast travel from this cell.