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Flags are words that can be applied to a script itself, properties, variables, or functions. The flags do not change how something compiles, they just provide additional information to the game or Creation Kit.

Script Flags[edit | edit source]

  • Hidden: Hides this script from the normal list of scripts in the Creation Kit that shows when someone wants to attach a script to an object. This is usually used for things that aren't intended to be attached to anything by the user (like fragments), or by base scripts that don't do anything on their own except to be extended by a non-hidden script.
  • Conditional: Flags this script as viewable by the condition system. The Creation Kit will not let you attach more than one conditional script to the same object.

Property Flags[edit | edit source]

  • Auto: Automatically creates functions for getting and setting the property's value.
  • AutoReadOnly: Automatically creates a function for getting, but not for setting, the property's value.
  • Hidden: Hides this property from the property window. Usually used for values you don't want the Creation Kit to change, but which you want other scripts to view.
  • Conditional: (Auto properties only) Flags the hidden variable of an auto property to be visible to the condition system. The script must also have the conditional flag.

Variable Flags[edit | edit source]

  • Conditional: Flags the variable to be visible to the condition system, through the GetVMQuestVariable condition. The script must also have the conditional flag.

Function Flags[edit | edit source]

  • Native: Functions that derive their functionality from the runtime are flagged with this. Not for general use.
  • Global: Makes the function accessible to all scripts without needing to attach the script or import it as a property. Properties are unavailable, and all member functions must be called on parameters.