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Extends: Form Script

Script for the manipulation of cells.

Definition[edit | edit source]

ScriptName Cell extends Form

Member Functions[edit | edit source]

ActorBase GetActorOwner()
  • Obtains the actor base object that owns this cell.
Faction GetFactionOwner()
  • Obtains the faction that owns this cell.
Bool IsAttached()
  • Is this cell currently attached?
Bool IsInterior()
  • Is this cell an interior cell?
  • Flags this cell for reset on next load.
SetActorOwner(ActorBase akActorBase)
  • Sets the actor base as this cell's owner.
SetFactionOwner(Faction akFaction)
  • Sets the faction as this cell's owner.
SetFogColor(Int aiNearRed, Int aiNearGreen, Int aiNearBlue, Int aiFarRed, Int aiFarGreen, Int aiFarBlue)
  • Sets the near and far fog colors for the cell. Only works in non-sky-lit interiors.
SetFogPlanes(Float afNear, Float afFar)
  • Sets the near and far fog plane distances for this cell. Only works in non-sky-lit interiors.
SetFogPower(Float afPower)
  • Sets the fog power for this cell. Only works in non-sky-lit interiors.
SetPublic(Bool abPublic)
  • Sets this cell as either public or private.

SKSE Member Functions[edit | edit source]

Int GetNumRefs(Int formTypeFilter)
  • Returns the number of references in the cell that match the form filter (or all if formTypeFilter is 0).
ObjectReference GetNthRef(Int n, Int formTypeFilter)
  • Returns the specified reference in the cell that matches the form filter.
Float GetWaterLevel()
  • Returns the water level of the cell. (will be -2147483648 if no water)