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Overview[edit | edit source]

The Default Master Package ("DMP") is a specially customized package, using the template DefaultMasterPackageTemplate, designed to simplify the process of giving AI certain common behaviors without the need to create or understand complex custom packages for every AI encounter in the game.

Note that the DMP is available on most, but not necessarily all, actors intended for widespread use, such as leveled bandits or wilderness creatures. When in doubt, it's a good idea to check and verify that the actor you're trying to use actually has this package in its stack.

This page is an overview of what the DMP does, but not how it works. Please refer to the Packages section for more technical information.

Procedures[edit | edit source]

This is a basic list of the various behaviors available through the DMP, and how to trigger each.

  • Follow Other Actor

If the actor is linked to another actor (via a LinkedRef association with no keyword), it will attempt to follow that actor. The distance at which larger actors follow (Giants, Mammoths, Chaurus, Cows) is greater than others.

  • Travel And Wait, then patrol.

If the actor has a LinkedRef with keyword "linkWaitPoint" and the Actor Value "variable04" is zero, the actor will travel to that linkedRef. Changing "Variable04" to one will cause the actor to begin patrolling. Changing "Variable04" to two will have the same result, except the actor will run.

  • Guard Linked Ref

If the actor has a LinkedRef with Keyword "GuardMarker", it will

  • Patrol

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