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Languages Bar[edit source]

A languages bar has been provided using the Languages navigation template to make it easier for readers to see which translations are available for the current page and to navigate to those translated pages. The template also makes it easier for editors to link to translated pages from the original English page (and vice versa).

As you can see the languages bar can be added anywhere on a page however it is recommended that it is placed at the bottom of each page for consistency.

Language: English  • français • 日本語 • 한국어 • polski • русский

Usage[edit source]

In order for the languages bar to function correctly each translated page must be created as a subpage of the original English page and the name of the subpage must be the language code, for example, "fr" for French.

Creating a subpage is done by adding a forward slash and the name of the subpage to the name of the parent page.


The languages bar can then be added to both the original English page and each of the translated pages. On the original English page the PageName parameter can be omitted so the following format is used:


On the translated page (regardless of language) the PageName parameter must be used to identify the original English page so the following format is used:


Example[edit source]

The location for the Russian translation of this page is Project:Language_policy/ru. To display the language bar to this page we use {{Languages}} and to display the language bar (correctly) on the Russian version of this page we would use {{Languages|Project:Language_policy}}.

We do not use {{Languages|Project:Language_policy/ru}} as the links to the original English page and any other translated pages would not be generated.

Supported languages[edit source]

The table below lists the languages and language codes currently supported by the language bar. The language codes are show as a subpage of the Main Page.

Page Name Language
Main Page French
Main Page/af Afrikaans
Main Page/ar Arabic
Main Page/az Azerbaijani
Main Page/bcc Southern Balochi
Main Page/bg Bulgarian
Main Page/br Breton
Main Page/ca Catalan
Main Page/cs Czech
Main Page/da Danish
Main Page/de German
Main Page/el Greek
Main Page/es Spanish
Main Page/fa Persian
Main Page/fi Finnish
Main Page/fr French
Main Page/gl Galician
Main Page/gu Gujarati
Main Page/he Hebrew
Main Page/hu Hungarian
Main Page/id Indonesian
Main Page/it Italian
Main Page/ja Japanese
Main Page/ka Georgian
Main Page/ko Korean
Main Page/ksh Kölsch
Main Page/mk Macedonian
Main Page/ml Malayalam
Main Page/mr Marathi
Main Page/ms Malay
Main Page/nl Nederlands
Main Page/no Norwegian
Main Page/oc Occitan
Main Page/pl Polish
Main Page/pt Portuguese
Main Page/pt-br Brazilian Portuguese
Main Page/ro Romanian
Main Page/ru Russian
Main Page/si Sinhalese
Main Page/sk Slovak
Main Page/sq Albanian
Main Page/sr Serbian
Main Page/sv Swedish
Main Page/ta Tamil
Main Page/th Thai
Main Page/tr Turkish
Main Page/uk Ukrainian
Main Page/vi Vietnamese
Main Page/yue Cantonese
Main Page/zh Chinese
Main Page/zh-hans Chinese (Simplified)
Main Page/zh-hant Chinese (Traditional)
Main Page/zh-tw Chinese (Taiwan)