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The Shout Form represents Powers with an audio component. The vast majority of these are the three-Word Dragon Shouts, but the Shout Form is also used to implement some other abilities, such as Werewolf Howls.


Shout Dialog[edit | edit source]

Base Data[edit | edit source]

  • ID: The form's Editor ID.
  • Name: The Shout's display name.
  • Treat Spells as Powers: Indicates whether this Shout can only be used once per day (like a Power).
  • Menu Display Object: The Shout's appearance in the Magic Menu.
  • Description: The description of the Shout. The Words of the Shout will automatically be printed above this description.

Words[edit | edit source]

Each Shout consists of up to three Word of Power; most have exactly three. For each Word, you can specify:

  • Word: The Word of Power object representing the word.
  • Spell: The Spell that will be cast if the Shout is stopped while this Word is 'active'.
    • Assuming the player has learned all three Words, this is based on how long the button is held:
      • < 0.1s - Uses the first Word.
      • 0.1-0.5s - Uses the second Word.
      • > 0.5s - Uses the third Word.
    • If the Shout has only two Words, or the player has not learned the third, the second Word's spell will be cast after 0.1s.
    • If the Shout has only one Word, or the player has not learned the second, the first Word's spell will be cast when the button is pressed.
  • Recovery Time: The amount of time that must elapse, in seconds, before the player can Shout again.

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