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An activator is a World Object can be used (or activated) by an actor or another activator.


Activator Dialog[edit | edit source]

  • ID: Unique indentifier for this form.
  • Name: Display name. This is required for the player to interact with this activator.
  • Model: Displays the model for this object.
    • Edit: Chooses the model for this object.
  • Sounds:
    • Activate: Sound that plays when object is activated.
    • Looping: Selects the looping sound for this object.
  • NavMesh Generation Import Option: Sets how the object interacts with navmesh generation.
    • Collision Geometry: Navmesh will test against the collision of the object.
    • Bounding Box: Navmesh will test against the bounding box of the object.
    • Filter: Navmesh will ignore the object completely.
    • Ground: Navmesh will treat the object like it is part of the ground.
  • Water Type: Editor ID of water type, if applicable.
    • No Displacement: If an actor is walking through the water it won’t generate ripples as they move around
  • Activate Text Override: Changes the default rollover text for this activator
  • Add Destruction Data: Sets the damage states if an object is destructable.
  • Flags:
    • Dangerous: Unused
    • Obstacle: Will cut the navmesh
    • On Local Map: Shows up on the local map
    • Has Tree LOD: Generate LOD for this object.
    • Ignore Object Interaction: If the object has an animation tied to it, this causes the player to not do it
    • Has Platform/Language Specific Textures: Unused
    • Is Marker: Object is treated as a marker and it won't be rendered in game
    • Random Anim Start: If checked, this object kicks off its idle animation at a random start time. This is so you can put a couple of the same animated activators in a scene and they won't be animating in synch.
    • Child Can Use: Can be used by child NPCs
    • Must Update Anims: Forces animation to play, even if object is off screen
    • Ignored By Sandbox: Actors on sandbox packages will ignore this object
  • Keywords: Keywords for this object
  • Default Primitive Color: The color of the primitive associated with this activator
  • Interaction Keyword: Restricts what can interact with this activator by keyword. This does apply to TriggerBoxes in that Trigger events will only fire on objectreferences with this keyword
  • Script: Selects the script for this object.
    • Script edit button: Opens the script for editing.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Activator name has a character limit of 259.

Language: English  • 日本語