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This Page Contains lists of all Papyrus Scripting Functions and Events including SKSE functions.

A SKSE suffix indicates if the function requires SKSE. A PO3 PE SSE suffix indicates if the function requires Power of Three's Papyrus Extender SSE. A PU SSE indicates if the function requires exiledviper's & meh321's Papyrus Util SE. (Note: The entries for PO3 PE SSE was done by a third party. The function names are accurate, but for arguments and object type, see the docs here: For PapyrusUtil, see the source .psc files)

The middle column indicates in which base script the function is defined.


A[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Returns Description
Abs Math Float
Acos Math Float
Activate ObjectReference Bool
Add MusicType -
Add Topic -
AddAchievement Game - Global function
AddForm FormList -
AddForm LeveledActor -
AddForm LeveledItem -
AddForm LeveledSpell -
AddHavokBallAndSocketConstraint Game Bool
AddInventoryEventFilter ObjectReference -
AddItem ObjectReference -
AddKeyIfNeeded ObjectReference -
AddPerk Actor -
AddPerkPoints Game -
AddShout Actor Bool
AddSlotToMaskSKSE Armor Int
AddSlotToMaskSKSE ArmorAddon Int
AddSpawnSKSE SpawnerTask -
AddSpell Actor Bool
AddToFaction Actor -
AddToMap ObjectReference -
AdvanceSkill Game -
AllowBleedoutDialogue Actor -
AllowPCDialogue Actor -
AllowPCDialogueSKSE Race Bool
AllowPickpocketSKSE Race Bool
Apply ImageSpaceModifier -
ApplyCrossFade ImageSpaceModifier -
ApplyHavokImpulse ObjectReference -
AsCharSKSE StringUtil String
Asin Math Float
Atan Math Float
AttachAshPile Actor -
AvoidsRoadsSKSE Race Bool
AddActorToArrayPO3 PE SSE Array
AddAllEquippedItemsToArrayPO3 PE SSE Actor
AddAllItemsToListPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
AddBasePerkPO3 PE SSE Actor
AddBaseSpellPO3 PE SSE Actor
AddEffectItemToEnchantmentPO3 PE SSE Enchantment
AddEffectItemToPotionPO3 PE SSE Potion
AddEffectItemToScrollPO3 PE SSE Scroll
AddEffectItemToSpellPO3 PE SSE Spell
AddItemsOfTypeToArrayPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
AddItemsOfTypeToListPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
AddKeywordToFormPO3 PE SSE Form
AddKeywordToRefPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
AddMagicEffectToEnchantmentPO3 PE SSE Enchantment
AddMagicEffectToPotionPO3 PE SSE Potion
AddMagicEffectToScrollPO3 PE SSE Scroll
AddMagicEffectToSpellPO3 PE SSE Spell
AddPackageIdlePO3 PE SSE Package
AddStringToArrayPO3 PE SSE Array
ApplyMaterialShaderPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
ApplyPoisonToEquippedWeaponPO3 PE SSE Actor
ArrayStringCountPO3 PE SSE Array
ActorArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil Actor[]
AddFloatValuesPU SE PapyrusUtil float
AddIntValuesPU SE PapyrusUtil int
AddPackageOverridePU SE ActorUtil
AdjustFloatValuePU SE JsonUtil float
AdjustIntValuePU SE JsonUtil int
AliasArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil Alias[]

B[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Description
BlendColorWithSkinTonePO3 PE SSE Actor
BlockActivation ObjectReference
BoolArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil bool[]

C[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Return Description
CalculateEncounterLevel ObjectReference Int
CalculateFavorCost Game Int
CanFastTravelToMarker ObjectReference Bool
CanFlySKSE Race Bool
CanFlyHere Actor Bool
CanPayCrimeGold Faction Bool
CanSwimSKSE Race Bool
CantOpenDoorsSKSE Race Bool
CanWalkSKSE Race Bool
CaptureFrameRate Utility String
Cast Scroll -
Cast Spell -
Ceiling Math Int
CenterOnCell Debug -
CenterOnCellAndWait Debug -
ChangeHeadPartSKSE Actor -
Clear LocationAlias -
Clear ReferenceAlias -
ClearAllowPCDialogueSKSE Race -
ClearAllowPickpocketSKSE Race -
ClearArrested Actor -
ClearAvoidsRoadsSKSE Race -
ClearCantOpenDoorsSKSE Race -
ClearDestruction ObjectReference -
ClearExpressionOverride Actor -
ClearExtraArrows Actor -
ClearForcedLandingMarker Actor -
ClearKeepOffsetFromActor Actor -
ClearLookAt Actor -
ClearNoCombatInWaterSKSE Race -
ClearNoKnockdownsSKSE Race -
ClearNoShadowsSKSE Race -
ClearPrison Game -
ClearRaceFlagSKSE Race -
ClearTempEffects Game -
CloseCustomMenuSKSE UI -
CloseUserLog Debug -
CompleteAllObjectives Quest -
CompleteQuest Quest -
Cos Math Float
CountLinkedRefChain ObjectReference Int
CreateSKSE ModEvent Int
CreateSKSE SpawnerTask Int
CreateSKSE UICallback Int
CreateAliasArraySKSE Utility Alias[]
CreateBoolArraySKSE Utility Bool[]
CreateDetectionEvent ObjectReference -
CreateEnchantmentSKSE ObjectReference -
CreateEnchantmentSKSE WornObject -
CreateFloatArraySKSE Utility Float[]
CreateFormArraySKSE Utility Form[]
CreateIntArraySKSE Utility Int[]
CreateStringArraySKSE Utility String[]
CanActorBeDetectedPO3 PE SSE Actor
CanActorDetectPO3 PE SSE Actor
ClearCachedFactionFightReactionsPO3 PE SSE Game
ClearEffectShaderFlagPO3 PE SSE EffectShader
ClearHazardFlagPO3 PE SSE Hazard
ClearReadFlagPO3 PE SSE Book
ClearRecordFlagPO3 PE SSE Form
CanResolvePathPU SE JsonUtil bool
ClampFloatPU SE PapyrusUtil float
ClampIntPU SE PapyrusUtil int
ClearAllPU SE JsonUtil
ClearEmptyPU SE PapyrusUtil string[]
ClearNonePU SE PapyrusUtil Form[]
ClearPackageOverridePU SE ActorUtil int
ClearPathPU SE JsonUtil
ClearPathIndexPU SE JsonUtil
CountActorPU SE PapyrusUtil int
CountAliasPU SE PapyrusUtil int
CountAllPrefixPU SE JsonUtil int
CountBoolPU SE PapyrusUtil int
CountFalsePU SE PapyrusUtil int
CountFloatPU SE PapyrusUtil int
CountFloatListPrefixPU SE JsonUtil int
CountFloatValuePrefixPU SE JsonUtil int
CountFormPU SE PapyrusUtil int
CountFormListPrefixPU SE JsonUtil int
CountFormValuePrefixPU SE JsonUtil int
CountIntPU SE PapyrusUtil int
CountIntListPrefixPU SE JsonUtil int
CountIntValuePrefixPU SE JsonUtil int
CountNonePU SE PapyrusUtil int
CountObjRefPU SE PapyrusUtil int
CountPackageOverridePU SE ActorUtil int
CountStringPU SE PapyrusUtil int
CountStringListPrefixPU SE JsonUtil int
CountStringValuePrefixPU SE JsonUtil int
CountTruePU SE PapyrusUtil int

D[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Return Description
DecapitateActorPO3 PE SSE Actor
DamageActorValue Actor -
DamageAV Actor - alias for DamageActorValue
DamageObject ObjectReference -
DegreesToRadians Math Float
Delete ObjectReference -
DeleteWhenAble ObjectReference -
Disable ObjectReference -
DisableLinkChain ObjectReference -
DisableNoWait ObjectReference -
DisablePlayerControls Game -
Dismount Actor Bool
Dispel ActiveMagicEffect -
DispelAllSpells Actor -
DispelSpell Actor Bool
DoCombatSpellApply Actor -
DrawWeapon Actor -
DropObject ObjectReference ObjectReference
DumpAliasData Debug -
DumpAnimationVariablesPO3 PE SSE Debug

E[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Description
Enable ObjectReference
EnableAI Actor
EnableFastTravel Game
EnableFastTravel ObjectReference
EnableLinkChain ObjectReference
EnableNoWait ObjectReference
EnablePlayerControls Game
EndDeferredKill Actor
EndFrameRateCapture Utility CaptureFrameRate, StartFrameRateCapture
EquipItem Actor
EquipItemByIdSKSE Actor
EquipItemExSKSE Actor
EquipShout Actor
EquipSpell Actor
EvaluatePackage Actor

F[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Return Description
FadeOutGame Game -
FailAllObjectives Quest -
FastTravel Game -
Find FormList Int
FindSKSE StringUtil Int
FindClosestActor Game Actor
FindClosestActorFromRef Game Actor
FindClosestReferenceOfAnyTypeInList Game ObjectReference
FindClosestReferenceOfAnyTypeInListFromRef Game ObjectReference
FindClosestReferenceOfType Game ObjectReference
FindClosestReferenceOfTypeFromRef Game ObjectReference
FindRandomActor Game Actor
FindRandomActorFromRef Game Actor
FindRandomReferenceOfAnyTypeInList Game ObjectReference
FindRandomReferenceOfAnyTypeInListFromRef Game ObjectReference
FindRandomReferenceOfType Game ObjectReference
FindRandomReferenceOfTypeFromRef Game ObjectReference
FindWeather Weather Weather
Fire Weapon -
Floor Math Int
ForceActive Quest -
ForceActive Weather -
ForceActorValue Actor -
ForceAddRagdollToWorld ObjectReference -
ForceAV Actor - alias for ForceActorValue
ForceFirstPerson Game -
ForceLocationTo LocationAlias -
ForceMovementDirection Actor - animation debug
ForceMovementDirectionRamp Actor - animation debug
ForceMovementRotationSpeed Actor - animation debug
ForceMovementRotationSpeedRamp Actor - animation debug
ForceMovementSpeed Actor - animation debug
ForceMovementSpeedRamp Actor - animation debug
ForceRefIfEmpty ReferenceAlias -
ForceRefTo ReferenceAlias -
ForceRemoveRagdollFromWorld ObjectReference -
ForceStart Scene -
ForceTargetAngle Actor - animation debug
ForceTargetDirection Actor - animation debug
ForceTargetSpeed Actor - animation debug
ForceThirdPerson Game -
FindAllReferencesOfFormTypePO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
FindAllReferencesOfTypePO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
FindAllReferencesWithKeywordPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
FindFirstItemInListPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
ForceActorDetectingPO3 PE SSE Actor
ForceActorDetectionPO3 PE SSE Actor
FreezeActorPO3 PE SSE Actor
FileExistsPU SE MiscUtil bool
FilesInFolderPU SE MiscUtil string[]
FindPathFloatElementPU SE JsonUtil int
FindPathFormElementPU SE JsonUtil int
FindPathIntElementPU SE JsonUtil int
FindPathStringElementPU SE JsonUtil int
FloatArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil float[]
FloatListAddPU SE JsonUtil int
FloatListAdjustPU SE JsonUtil float
FloatListClearPU SE JsonUtil int
FloatListCopyPU SE JsonUtil bool
FloatListCountPU SE JsonUtil int
FloatListCountValuePU SE JsonUtil int
FloatListFindPU SE JsonUtil int
FloatListGetPU SE JsonUtil Float
FloatListHasPU SE JsonUtil bool
FloatListInsertAtPU SE JsonUtil bool
FloatListRandomPU SE JsonUtil float
FloatListRemovePU SE JsonUtil int
FloatListRemoveAtPU SE JsonUtil bool
FloatListResizePU SE JsonUtil int
FloatListSetPU SE JsonUtil Float
FloatListSlicePU SE JsonUtil
FloatListToArrayPU SE JsonUtil float[]
FoldersInFolderPU SE MiscUtil string[]
FormArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil Form[]
FormListAddPU SE JsonUtil int
FormListClearPU SE JsonUtil int
FormListCopyPU SE JsonUtil bool
FormListCountPU SE JsonUtil int
FormListCountValuePU SE JsonUtil int
FormListFindPU SE JsonUtil int
FormListGetPU SE JsonUtil Form
FormListHasPU SE JsonUtil bool
FormListInsertAtPU SE JsonUtil bool
FormListRandomPU SE JsonUtil Form
FormListRemovePU SE JsonUtil int
FormListRemoveAtPU SE JsonUtil bool
FormListResizePU SE JsonUtil int
FormListSetPU SE JsonUtil Form
FormListSlicePU SE JsonUtil
FormListToArrayPU SE JsonUtil Form[]

G[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Return Description
GameTimeToString Utility String
GenerateRandomIntPO3 PE SSE Utility
GetActivateChildrenPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetActiveGamebryoAnimationPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetActorAlphaPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetActorBase Actor ActorBase
GetActorCausePO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetActorKnockStatePO3 PE SSE Actor
GetActorOwner Cell ActorBase
GetActorOwner ObjectReference ActorBase
GetActorRaceEditorIDPU SE MiscUtil string
GetActorReference ReferenceAlias Actor
GetActorRefractionPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetActorsByProcessingLevelPO3 PE SSE Game
GetActorSoulSizePO3 PE SSE Actor
GetActorStatePO3 PE SSE Actor
GetActorValue Actor Float
GetActorValueInfoByIDSKSE ActorValueInfo ActorValueInfo
GetActorValueInfoByNameSKSE ActorValueInfo ActorValueInfo
GetActorValueMax Actor Float
GetActorValueModifierPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetActorValuePercentage Actor Float
GetActualWaterLevelSKSE Cell Float
GetAddonModelsPO3 PE SSE EffectShader
GetAlias Quest Alias
GetAliasByIDSKSE Quest Alias
GetAliasByNameSKSE Quest Alias
GetAliasesSKSE Quest Alias[]
GetAllAmmoSKSE GameData Form[]
GetAllArmorSKSE GameData Form[]
GetAllArtObjectsPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetAllBooksSKSE GameData Form[]
GetAllEffectShadersPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetAllEnchantmentsPO3 PE SSE Game
GetAllEnchantmentsInModPO3 PE SSE Game
GetAllFormsSKSE GameData Form[]
GetAllFormsPO3 PE SSE Game
GetAllFormsInModPO3 PE SSE Game
GetAllIngredientsSKSE GameData Form[]
GetAllKeysSKSE GameData Form[]
GetAllMiscItemsSKSE GameData Form[]
GetAllowDualWieldingSKSE CombatStyle Bool
GetAllPotionsSKSE GameData Form[]
GetAllQuestObjectivesPO3 PE SSE Quest
GetAllRacesPO3 PE SSE Game
GetAllRacesInModPO3 PE SSE Game
GetAllScrollsSKSE GameData Form[]
GetAllSpellsPO3 PE SSE Game
GetAllSpellsInModPO3 PE SSE Game
GetAllWeaponsSKSE GameData Form[]
GetAlphaSKSE ColorComponent Int
GetAngleX ObjectReference Float
GetAngleY ObjectReference Float
GetAngleZ ObjectReference Float
GetAnimationVariableBool ObjectReference Bool
GetAnimationVariableFloat ObjectReference Float
GetAnimationVariableInt ObjectReference Int
GetArmorRatingSKSE Armor Int
GetArtObjectPO3 PE SSE VisualEffect
GetArtObjectTotalCountPO3 PE SSE VisualEffect
GetAssociatedSkill MagicEffect String
GetAt FormList Form
GetAttachedCellsPO3 PE SSE Game
GetAV Actor Float alias for GetActorValue
GetAVIByIDSKSE ActorValueInfo ActorValueInfo alias for GetActorValueInfoByID
GetAVIByNameSKSE ActorValueInfo ActorValueInfo alias for GetActorValueInfoByName
GetAVMax Actor Float alias for GetActorValueMax
GetAverageFrameRate Utility Float
GetAvoidThreatChance CombatStyle Float
GetAVPercentage Actor Float alias for GetActorValuePercentage
GetBaseActorValue Actor Float
GetBaseAV Actor Float alias for GetBaseActorValue
GetBaseCostSKSE MagicEffect Float
GetBaseDamageSKSE Weapon Int
GetBaseObject ActiveMagicEffect MagicEffect
GetBaseObject ObjectReference Form
GetBaseValue ActiveMagicEffect Float
GetBlueSKSE ColorComponent Int global function
GetBlueSKSE ColorForm Int
GetBoolSKSE UI Bool
GetBribeAmount Actor Int
GetBudgetCount Utility Int
GetBudgetName Utility String
GetBuySellListSKSE Faction FormList
GetCellNorthRotationPO3 PE SSE Cell
GetCameraStateSKSE Camera Int
GetCameraStateSKSE Game Int
GetCasterActor ActiveMagicEffect Actor
GetCastTimeSKSE MagicEffect Float
GetCastTimeSKSE Scroll Float
GetCastTimeSKSE Spell Float
GetChanceGlobalSKSE LeveledItem GlobalVariable
GetChanceNoneSKSE LeveledItem Int
GetChanceNoneSKSE LeveledSpell Int
GetClass ActorBase Class
GetClassification Weather Int
GetCloseRangeDuelingCircleMultSKSE CombatStyle Float
GetCloseRangeDuelingFallbackMultSKSE CombatStyle Float
GetCloseRangeFlankingFlankDistanceSKSE CombatStyle Float
GetCloseRangeFlankingStalkTimeSKSE CombatStyle Float
GetClosestActorFromRefPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetColorSKSE ColorForm Int
GetCombatAlliesPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetCombatState Actor Int
GetCombatStyleSKSE ActorBase CombatStyle
GetCombatTarget Actor Actor
GetCombatTargetsPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetCommandedActorsPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetCommandingActorPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetConditionListPO3 PE SSE Form
GetConfigName Debug String
GetContainerFormsSKSE ObjectReference Form[]
GetCostliestEffectIndexSKSE Enchantment Int
GetCostliestEffectIndexSKSE Ingredient Int
GetCostliestEffectIndexSKSE Potion Int
GetCostliestEffectIndexSKSE Scroll Int
GetCostliestEffectIndexSKSE Spell Int
GetCrimeFaction Actor Faction
GetCrimeGold Faction Int
GetCrimeGoldNonViolent Faction Int
GetCrimeGoldViolent Faction Int
GetCritDamageSKSE Weapon
GetCriticalStagePO3 PE SSE Actor
GetCurrentBudget Utility
GetCurrentCrosshairRefSKSE Game
GetCurrentDestructionStage ObjectReference
GetCurrentGameTime Utility
GetCurrentLocation ObjectReference
GetCurrentMemory Utility
GetCurrentPackage Actor
GetCurrentRealTime Utility
GetCurrentScene ObjectReference
GetCurrentStageID Quest
GetCurrentWeather Weather
GetCurrentWeatherTransition Weather
GetDeadCount ActorBase
GetDeathItemPO3 PE SSE ActorBase
GetDefaultVoiceTypeSKSE Race
GetDescriptionPO3 PE SSE Form
GetDialogueTarget Actor
GetDiffActorPU SE PapyrusUtil Actor[]
GetDiffAliasPU SE PapyrusUtil Alias[]
GetDiffFloatPU SE PapyrusUtil float[]
GetDiffFormPU SE PapyrusUtil Form[]
GetDiffIntPU SE PapyrusUtil int[]
GetDiffObjRefPU SE PapyrusUtil ObjectReference[]
GetDiffStringPU SE PapyrusUtil string[]
GetDisplayNameSKSE ObjectReference String
GetDistance ObjectReference
GetDoorDestinationPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetDurationSKSE ActiveMagicEffect
GetEditorLocation ObjectReference
GetEffectArchetypeAsIntPO3 PE SSE MagicEffect
GetEffectArchetypeAsStringPO3 PE SSE MagicEffect
GetEffectiveMagickaCostSKSE Spell
GetEffectShaderDurationPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetEffectShaderTotalCountPO3 PE SSE EffectShader
GetEnchantmentSKSE Armor
GetEnchantmentSKSE Weapon
GetEnchantmentTypePO3 PE SSE Enchantment
GetEquippedAmmoPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetEquippedItemType Actor
GetEquippedObjectSKSE Actor
GetEquippedShield Actor
GetEquippedShout Actor
GetEquippedSpell Actor
GetEquippedWeapon Actor
GetEquippedWeaponIsPoisonedPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetEquippedWeaponPoisonPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetEquippedWeaponPoisonCountPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetErrorsPU SE JsonUtil string
GetFacePresetSKSE ActorBase
GetFactionOwner Cell
GetFactionOwner ObjectReference
GetFactionRank Actor
GetFactionReaction Actor
GetFloatValuePU SE JsonUtil float
GetFlyingState Actor
GetFootstepSetPO3 PE SSE ArmorAddon
GetForcedLandingMarker Actor
GetForm Game
GetFormEditorIDPO3 PE SSE Form
GetFormExSKSE Game
GetFormFromEditorIDPO3 PE SSE Game
GetFormFromFile Game
GetFormID Form
GetFormModNamePO3 PE SSE Form
GetFormValuePU SE JsonUtil form
GetFurnitureTypePO3 PE SSE Furniture
GetGameSettingBoolPO3 PE SSE Game
GetGameSettingFloat Game
GetGameSettingInt Game
GetGameSettingString Game
GetGiftFilter ActorBase
GetGodModePO3 PE SSE Game
GetGoldAmount Actor
GetGoldValue Form
GetGreenSKSE ColorForm
GetHairColorPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetHairColorSKSE ActorBase
GetHazardIMODPO3 PE SSE Hazard
GetHazardIMODRadiusPO3 PE SSE Hazard
GetHazardIPDSPO3 PE SSE Hazard
GetHazardLifetimePO3 PE SSE Hazard
GetHazardLightPO3 PE SSE Hazard
GetHazardLimitPO3 PE SSE Hazard
GetHazardRadiusPO3 PE SSE Hazard
GetHazardSoundPO3 PE SSE Hazard
GetHazardSpellPO3 PE SSE Hazard
GetHazardTargetIntervalPO3 PE SSE Hazard
GetHeadingAngle ObjectReference
GetHeadPartTextureSetPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetHeightSKSE ActorBase
GetHeight ObjectReference
GetHighestRelationshipRank Actor
GetHueSKSE ColorForm
GetInfamy Faction
GetInfamyNonViolent Faction
GetInfamyViolent Faction
GetINIBoolSKSE Utility
GetINIFloatSKSE Utility
GetINIIntSKSE Utility
GetINIStringSKSE Utility
GetIntValuePU SE JsonUtil int
GetItemChargeSKSE ObjectReference
GetItemCount ObjectReference
GetItemHealthPercent ObjectReference
GetItemMaxChargeSKSE ObjectReference
GetKey ObjectReference
GetKeywordSKSE Keyword
GetKeywordData Location
GetKeywordsSKSE Form
GetKiller Actor
GetLength ObjectReference
GetLengthSKSE StringUtil
GetLevel Actor
GetLeveledActorBase Actor
GetLightFadePO3 PE SSE Light
GetLightFOVPO3 PE SSE Light
GetLightingTemplatePO3 PE SSE Cell
GetLightLevel Actor
GetLightRadiusPO3 PE SSE Light
GetLightRGBPO3 PE SSE Light
GetLightShadowDepthBiasPO3 PE SSE Light
GetLightTypePO3 PE SSE Light
GetLinkedChildrenPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetLinkedRef ObjectReference
GetLocalGravityPO3 PE SSE Game
GetLocalGravityActorPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetLocation LocationAlias
GetLockLevel ObjectReference
GetLowestRelationshipRank Actor
GetLuminositySKSE ColorForm
GetMagicEffectsSKSE Potion
GetMagicEffectSoundPO3 PE SSE MagicEffect
GetMagicEffectSourcePO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetMappedKeySKSE Input
GetMaskForSlotSKSE Armor
GetMass ObjectReference
GetMatchingActorPU SE PapyrusUtil Actor[]
GetMatchingAliasPU SE PapyrusUtil Alias[]
GetMatchingFloatPU SE PapyrusUtil float[]
GetMatchingFormPU SE PapyrusUtil Form[]
GetMatchingIntPU SE PapyrusUtil int[]
GetMatchingObjRefPU SE PapyrusUtil ObjectReference[]
GetMatchingStringPU SE PapyrusUtil string[]
GetMaterialTypePO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetMaxFrameRate Utility
GetMaxRangeSKSE Weapon
GetMembraneFillTexturePO3 PE SSE EffectShader
GetMembraneHolesTexturePO3 PE SSE EffectShader
GetMembranePaletteTexturePO3 PE SSE EffectShader
GetMenuContainerPO3 PE SSE UI
GetMinFrameRate Utility
GetMinRangeSKSE Weapon
GetModAuthorSKSE Game
GetModByNameSKSE Game
GetModCountSKSE Game
GetModDependencyCountSKSE Game
GetModDescriptionSKSE Game
GetModelPathSKSE Armor HasWorldModel, SetWorldModelPath
GetModelPathSKSE Weapon
GetModNameSKSE Game
GetMotionTypePO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetMountPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetNameSKSE Alias
GetNameSKSE Form
GetNoBleedoutRecovery Actor
GetNthCharSKSE StringUtil
GetNthEffectAreaSKSE Enchantment
GetNthEffectAreaSKSE Ingredient
GetNthEffectAreaSKSE Potion
GetNthEffectAreaSKSE Scroll
GetNthEffectAreaSKSE Spell
GetNthEffectDurationSKSE Enchantment
GetNthEffectDurationSKSE Ingredient
GetNthEffectDurationSKSE Potion
GetNthEffectDurationSKSE Scroll
GetNthEffectDurationSKSE Spell
GetNthEffectMagicEffectSKSE Enchantment
GetNthEffectMagicEffectSKSE Ingredient
GetNthEffectMagicEffectSKSE Potion
GetNthEffectMagicEffectSKSE Scroll
GetNthEffectMagicEffectSKSE Spell
GetNthEffectMagnitudeSKSE Enchantment
GetNthEffectMagnitudeSKSE Ingredient
GetNthEffectMagnitudeSKSE Potion
GetNthEffectMagnitudeSKSE Scroll
GetNthEffectMagnitudeSKSE Spell
GetNthEntryValueSKSE Perk
GetNthFormSKSE ObjectReference
GetNthHeadPartSKSE ActorBase
GetNthIngredientSKSE ConstructibleObject
GetNthIngredientQuantitySKSE ConstructibleObject
GetNthKeyPressedSKSE Input
GetNthKeywordSKSE Form
GetNthLinkedRef ObjectReference
GetNthModDependencySKSE Game
GetNthParentSKSE EquipSlot
GetNthPartSKSE Outfit
GetNthPerkPO3 PE SSE ActorBase
GetNthPlayableRaceSKSE Race
GetNthRefSKSE Cell
GetNthSpellSKSE Actor
GetNthSpellSKSE ActorBase
GetNthSpellSKSE Race
GetNumActorsInHighPO3 PE SSE Game
GetNumEffectsSKSE Enchantment
GetNumEffectsSKSE Ingredient
GetNumEffectsSKSE Potion
GetNumEffectsSKSE Scroll
GetNumEffectsSKSE Spell
GetNumHeadPartsSKSE ActorBase
GetNumIngredientsSKSE ConstructibleObject
GetNumItemsSKSE ObjectReference
GetNumKeysPressedSKSE Input
GetNumKeywordsSKSE Form
GetNumParentsSKSE EquipSlot
GetNumPartsSKSE Outfit
GetNumPlayableRacesSKSE Race
GetNumRefsSKSE Cell
GetObjectUnderFeetPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetOffersServicesPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetOpenState ObjectReference
GetOutfitSKSE ActorBase
GetOutgoingWeather Weather
GetOwningQuest Alias
GetOwningQuest Package
GetOwningQuest Scene
GetOwningQuest TopicInfo
GetPackageIdlesPO3 PE SSE Package
GetPackageTypePO3 PE SSE Package
GetParentCell ObjectReference
GetParentLocationPO3 PE SSE Location
GetParticleFullCountPO3 PE SSE EffectShader
GetParticlePersistentCountPO3 PE SSE EffectShader
GetParticleShaderTexturePO3 PE SSE EffectShader
GetPathBoolValuePU SE JsonUtil bool
GetPathFloatValuePU SE JsonUtil float
GetPathFormValuePU SE JsonUtil form
GetPathIntValuePU SE JsonUtil int
GetPathStringValuePU SE JsonUtil string
GetPerkCountPO3 PE SSE ActorBase
GetPerkPointsSKSE Game
GetPlatformName Debug
GetPlayer Game
GetPlayerControls Actor
GetPlayerFollowersPO3 PE SSE Game
GetPlayerGrabbedRef Game
GetPlayersLastRiddenHorse Game
GetPositionX ObjectReference
GetPositionY ObjectReference
GetPositionZ ObjectReference
GetPrimaryActorValuePO3 PE SSE MagicEffect
GetProjectileImpactForcePO3 PE SSE Projectile
GetProjectileRangePO3 PE SSE Projectile
GetProjectileSpeedPO3 PE SSE Projectile
GetProjectileTypePO3 PE SSE Projectile
GetQuestItemsPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetRace Actor
GetRace ActorBase
GetRaceSKSE Race gets race by editorID string
GetRaceEditorIDPU SE MiscUtil string
GetRandomActorFromRefPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetReachSKSE Weapon
GetReaction Faction
GetRealHoursPassed Game
GetRedSKSE ColorForm
GetRefAliasesPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetRefCountPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetReference ReferenceAlias
GetRefTypeAliveCount Location
GetRefTypeDeadCount Location
GetRelationshipRank Actor
GetRelationshipsPO3 PE SSE ActorBase
GetResultSKSE ConstructibleObject
GetResultQuantitySKSE ConstructibleObject
GetRiderPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetRunningPackagePO3 PE SSE Actor
GetSaturationSKSE ColorForm
GetSecondaryActorValuePO3 PE SSE MagicEffect
GetScale ObjectReference
GetScriptVersionPU SE PapyrusUtil int
GetSex ActorBase
GetSitState Actor
GetSize FormList
GetSkillSKSE Book
GetSkinSKSE Race
GetSkinColorPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetSkyMode Weather
GetSleepState Actor
GetSlotMaskSKSE Armor
GetSortedActorNamesPO3 PE SSE Array
GetSortedNPCNamesPO3 PE SSE Array
GetSpeedSKSE Weapon
GetSpellSKSE Book
GetSpellCountSKSE Actor
GetSpellCountSKSE ActorBase
GetSpellCountSKSE Race
GetSpellTypePO3 PE SSE Spell
GetStaggerSKSE Weapon
GetState All Scripts
GetStolenItemValueCrime Faction
GetStolenItemValueNoCrime Faction
GetStoredSoulSizePO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
GetStringSKSE Keyword
GetStringSKSE UI
GetStringValuePU SE JsonUtil string
GetSunGlareSKSE Weather
GetSunPositionX Game
GetSunPositionY Game
GetSunPositionZ Game
GetSurfaceMaterialTypePO3 PE SSE Game
GetSystemTimePO3 PE SSE Utility
GetTargetActor ActiveMagicEffect
GetTemplate Package
GetTimeDeadPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetTimeElapsedSKSE ActiveMagicEffect
GetTimeOfDeathPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetTotalArmorWeightSKSE ObjectReference
GetTotalItemWeightSKSE ObjectReference
GetTriggerObjectCount ObjectReference
GetTypeSKSE Form
GetTypeSKSE HeadPart
GetValue GlobalVariable
GetValueInt GlobalVariable
GetVendorFactionPO3 PE SSE Actor
GetVendorFactionContainerPO3 PE SSE Faction
GetVersionBetaSKSE SKSE
GetVersionMinorSKSE SKSE
GetVersionNumber Debug
GetVersionReleaseSKSE SKSE
GetVoiceRecoveryTime Actor
GetVoiceType ObjectReference
GetWaterLevelSKSE Cell Float
GetWeaponTypeSKSE Weapon
GetWeatherTypePO3 PE SSE Weather
GetWeightSKSE ActorBase
GetWeightSKSE Form
GetWeightClassSKSE Armor
GetWidth ObjectReference
GetWindSpeedAsFloatPO3 PE SSE Weather
GetWindSpeedAsIntPO3 PE SSE Weather
GetWorkbenchKeywordSKSE ConstructibleObject
GetWorldModelNthTextureSetSKSE Form
GetWorldModelNumTextureSetsSKSE Form
GetWorldSpace ObjectReference
GetWornFormSKSE Actor
GetVersionPU SE PapyrusUtil int
GivePlayerSpellBookPO3 PE SSE Debug
GotoState All Scripts

H[edit | edit source]

Jump to: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-I-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-W
Function Member of Returns Description
HasAssociation Actor
HasCommonParent Location
HasEffectKeyword ObjectReference
HasFamilyRelationship Actor
HasForm FormList
HasKeyword Form GetKeyword, GetKeywords
HasKeywordStringSKSE Form GetKeyword
HasLOS Actor
HasMagicEffect Actor
HasMagicEffectWithKeyword Actor
HasNode ObjectReference
HasParentRelationship Actor
HasPerk Actor
HasRefType Location
HasRefType ObjectReference
HasSpell Actor
HasWorldModelSKSE Form GetWorldModelPath, SetWorldModelPath
HideTitleSequenceMenu Game
HoldKeySKSE Input
HasActiveSpellPO3 PE SSE Actor
HasArtObjectPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
HasDeferredKillPO3 PE SSE Actor
HasEffectShaderPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
HasMagicEffectWithArchetypePO3 PE SSE Actor
HasNiExtraDataPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
HasSkinPO3 PE SSE Actor
HasFloatValuePU SE JsonUtil bool
HasFormValuePU SE JsonUtil bool
HasIntValuePU SE JsonUtil bool
HasStringValuePU SE JsonUtil bool

I[edit | edit source]

Jump to: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U-W
Function Member of Return Description
IgnoreFriendlyHits ObjectReference
IncrementSkill Game
IncrementSkillBy Game
IncrementStat Game
InterruptCast ObjectReference
InvokeBoolSKSE UI
InvokeBoolASKSE UI array version
InvokeFloatSKSE UI
InvokeFloatASKSE UI array version
InvokeFormSKSE UI
InvokeIntSKSE UI
InvokeIntASKSE UI array version
InvokeStringSKSE UI
InvokeStringASKSE UI array version
Is3DLoaded ObjectReference Bool
IsActionComplete Scene Bool
IsActivateChild ObjectReference Bool
IsActivateControlsEnabled Game Bool
IsActivationBlocked ObjectReference Bool
IsActive Quest Bool
IsAIEnabledSKSE Actor Bool
IsAlarmed Actor Bool
IsAlerted Actor Bool
IsAllowedToFly Actor Bool
IsArrested Actor Bool
IsArrestingTarget Actor Bool
IsAttached Cell Bool
IsBattleAxeSKSE Weapon Bool
IsBeingRidden Actor Bool
IsBleedingOut Actor Bool
IsBootsSKSE Armor Bool
IsBowSKSE Weapon Bool
IsBribed Actor Bool
IsCamSwitchControlsEnabled Game Bool
IsChild Actor Bool
IsChild Location Bool
IsChildRaceSKSE Race Bool
IsCleared Location Bool
IsClothingSKSE Armor Bool
IsClothingBodySKSE Armor Bool
IsClothingFeetSKSE Armor Bool
IsClothingHandsSKSE Armor Bool
IsClothingHeadSKSE Armor Bool
IsClothingPoorSKSE Armor Bool
IsClothingRichSKSE Armor Bool
IsClothingRingSKSE Armor Bool
IsCommandedActor Actor Bool
IsCompleted Quest Bool
IsCuirassSKSE Armor Bool
IsDaggerSKSE Weapon Bool
IsDead Actor Bool
IsDeleted ObjectReference Bool
IsDetectedBy Actor Bool
IsDigitSKSE StringUtil Bool
IsDisabled ObjectReference Bool
IsDoingFavor Actor Bool
IsEnabled ObjectReference Bool
IsEquipped Actor Bool
IsEssential Actor Bool
IsEssential ActorBase Bool
IsFactionInCrimeGroup Faction Bool
IsFastTravelControlsEnabled Game Bool
IsFastTravelEnabled Game Bool
IsFightingControlsEnabled Game Bool
IsFlying Actor Bool
IsFoodSKSE Potion Bool
IsFurnitureInUse ObjectReference Bool
IsFurnitureMarkerInUse ObjectReference Bool
IsGauntletsSKSE Armor Bool
IsGhost Actor Bool
IsGreatswordSKSE Weapon Bool
IsGuard Actor Bool
IsHarvestedSKSE ObjectReference Bool
IsHeavyArmorSKSE Armor Bool
IsHelmetSKSE Armor Bool
IsHostile Enchantment Bool
IsHostile Ingredient Bool
IsHostile Potion Bool
IsHostile Spell Bool
IsHostileToActor Actor Bool
IsIgnoringFriendlyHits ObjectReference Bool
IsImmobileSKSE Race Bool
IsInCombat Actor Bool
IsInDialogueWithPlayer ObjectReference Bool
IsInFaction Actor Bool
IsInInterior ObjectReference Bool
IsInKillMove Actor Bool
IsInLocation ObjectReference Bool
IsInMenuMode Utility Bool
IsInterior Cell Bool
IsIntimidated Actor Bool
IsInvulnerable ActorBase Bool
IsJewelrySKSE Armor Bool
IsJournalControlsEnabled Game Bool
IsKeyPressedSKSE Input Bool
IsLetterSKSE StringUtil Bool
IsLightArmorSKSE Armor Bool
IsLoaded Location Bool
IsLocked ObjectReference Bool
IsLookingControlsEnabled Game Bool
IsMaceSKSE Weapon Bool
IsMapMarkerVisible ObjectReference Bool
IsMenuControlsEnabled Game Bool
IsMenuOpenSKSE UI Bool
IsMovementControlsEnabled Game Bool
IsNearPlayer ObjectReference Bool
IsNotPushableSKSE Race Bool
IsObjectiveCompleted Quest Bool
IsObjectiveDisplayed Quest Bool
IsObjectiveFailed Quest Bool
IsOnMount Actor Bool
IsOverEncumbered Actor Bool
IsPlayerExpelled Faction Bool
IsPlayersLastRiddenHorse Actor Bool
IsPlayerSungazing Game Bool
IsPlayerTeammate Actor Bool
IsPlayableSKSE Form Bool
IsPlayableSKSE Race Bool
IsPlaying Scene Bool
IsPluginInstalledSKSE Game Bool
IsProtected ActorBase Bool
IsPunctuationSKSE StringUtil Bool
IsRaceFlagSetSKSE Race Bool
IsReadSKSE Book Bool
IsRunning Actor Bool
IsRunning Quest Bool
IsSameLocation Location Bool
IsShieldSKSE Armor Bool
IsSneaking Actor Bool
IsSneakingControlsEnabled Game Bool
IsSprinting Actor Bool
IsStaffSKSE Weapon Bool
IsStageDone Quest Bool
IsStarting Quest Bool
IsStopped Quest Bool
IsStopping Quest Bool
IsSwimmingSKSE Actor Bool
IsSwordSKSE Weapon Bool
IsTakeableSKSE Book Bool
IsTextInputEnabledSKSE UI Bool
IsTrespassing Actor Bool
IsUnconscious Actor Bool
IsUnique ActorBase Bool
IsWarAxeSKSE Weapon Bool
IsWarhammerSKSE Weapon Bool
IsWeaponDrawn Actor Bool
IsWordUnlocked Game Bool
IntToStringPO3 PE SSE String
IsActorInWaterPO3 PE SSE Actor
IsActorUnderwaterPO3 PE SSE Actor
IsCastingPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
IsDetectedByAnyonePO3 PE SSE Actor
IsEffectShaderFlagSetPO3 PE SSE EffectShader
IsFormInModPO3 PE SSE Form
IsGeneratedFormPO3 PE SSE Form
IsHazardFlagSetPO3 PE SSE Hazard
IsLimbGonePO3 PE SSE Actor
IsLoadDoorPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
IsPluginFoundPO3 PE SSE Game
IsQuadrupedPO3 PE SSE Actor
IsQuestItemPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
IsRecordFlagSetPO3 PE SSE Form
IsRefInWaterPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
IsScriptAttachedToActiveEffectPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
IsScriptAttachedToAliasPO3 PE SSE Alias
IsScriptAttachedToFormPO3 PE SSE Form
IsSoulTrappedPO3 PE SSE Actor
IsSurvivalModeActivePO3 PE SSE Game
IsVIPPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
IntArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil int[]
IntListAddPU SE JsonUtil int
IntListAdjustPU SE JsonUtil Int
IntListClearPU SE JsonUtil int
IntListCopyPU SE JsonUtil bool
IntListCountPU SE JsonUtil int
IntListCountValuePU SE JsonUtil int
IntListFindPU SE JsonUtil int
IntListGetPU SE JsonUtil Int
IntListHasPU SE JsonUtil bool
IntListInsertAtPU SE JsonUtil bool
IntListRandomPU SE JsonUtil int
IntListRemovePU SE JsonUtil int
IntListRemoveAtPU SE JsonUtil bool
IntListResizePU SE JsonUtil int
IntListSetPU SE JsonUtil Int
IntListSlicePU SE JsonUtil
IntListToArrayPU SE JsonUtil int[]
IsGoodPU SE JsonUtil bool
IsPathArrayPU SE JsonUtil bool
IsPathBoolPU SE JsonUtil bool
IsPathFormPU SE JsonUtil bool
IsPathNumberPU SE JsonUtil bool
IsPathObjectPU SE JsonUtil bool
IsPathStringPU SE JsonUtil bool
IsPendingSavePU SE JsonUtil bool

K[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Description
JsonUtilExistsPU SE JsonUtil bool
JsonUtilInFolderPU SE JsonUtil string[]

K[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Description
KeepOffsetFromActor Actor
Kill Actor
KillEssential Actor
KillNoWaitPO3 PE SSE Actor
KillSilent Actor
KnockAreaEffect ObjectReference

L[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Description
LearnAllEffects Ingredient
LearnEffect Ingredient
LearnNextEffect Ingredient
LeftShiftSKSE Math
LoadGameSKSE Game
Lock ObjectReference
LogicalAndSKSE Math
LogicalNotSKSE Math
LogicalOrSKSE Math
LogicalXorSKSE Math
LoadPU SE JsonUtil bool

M[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Description
MakeCanFlySKSE Race
MakeCanSwimSKSE Race
MakeCanWalkSKSE Race
MakeChildRaceSKSE Race
MakeImmobileSKSE Race
MakeMobileSKSE Race
MakeNoKnockdownsSKSE Race
MakeNonChildRaceSKSE Race
MakeNonFlyingSKSE Race
MakeNonSwimmingSKSE Race
MakeNonWalkingSKSE Race
MakeNotPushableSKSE Race
MakePlayableSKSE Race
MakePlayerFriend Actor
MakePushableSKSE Race
MarkItemAsFavoritePO3 PE SSE Form
MakeUnplayableSKSE Race
MixColorWithSkinTonePO3 PE SSE Actor
MoveToNearestNavmeshLocationPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
MessageBox Debug
Mod GlobalVariable
ModActorValue Actor
ModArmorRatingSKSE Armor
ModCrimeGold Faction
ModFactionRank Actor
ModObjectiveGlobal Quest
ModPerkPointsSKSE Game
ModReaction Faction
MoveTo ObjectReference
MoveToIfUnloaded ObjectReference
MoveToInteractionLocation ObjectReference
MoveToMyEditorLocation ObjectReference
MoveToNode ObjectReference
MoveToPackageLocation Actor
MoveToWhenUnloaded ObjectReference
Mute SoundCategory
MergeActorArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil Actor[]
MergeAliasArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil Alias[]
MergeBoolArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil bool[]
MergeFloatArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil float[]
MergeFormArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil Form[]
MergeIntArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil int[]
MergeObjRefArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil ObjectReference[]
MergeStringArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil string[]

N[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Return Description
NoCombatInWaterSKSE Race Bool
NoKnockdownsSKSE Race Bool
NoShadowSKSE Race Bool
Notification Debug

O[edit | edit source]

Jump to: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-K-L-M-N-P-Q-R-S-T-U-W
Function Member of Description
OnActivate ObjectReference
OnActorActionSKSE Form RegisterForActorAction, UnregisterForActorAction
OnAnimationEvent Form OnAnimationEventUnregistered, RegisterForAnimationEvent, UnregisterForAnimationEvent
OnAnimationEventUnregistered Form OnAnimationEvent, RegisterForAnimationEvent, UnregisterForAnimationEvent
OnAttachedToCell ObjectReference
OnCellAttach ObjectReference
OnCellDetach ObjectReference
OnCellLoad ObjectReference
OnClose ObjectReference
OnCombatStateChanged Actor
OnContainerChanged ObjectReference
OnControlDownSKSE Form RegisterForControl, UnregisterForControl, UnregisterForAllControls
OnControlUpSKSE Form RegisterForControl, UnregisterForControl, UnregisterForAllControls
OnCrosshairRefChangeSKSE Form GetCurrentCrosshairRef, RegisterForCrosshairRef, UnregisterForCrosshairRef
OnDeath Actor
OnDestructionStageChanged ObjectReference
OnDetachedFromCell ObjectReference
OnDying Actor
OnEffectFinish ActiveMagicEffect
OnEffectStart ActiveMagicEffect
OnEnterBleedout Actor
OnEquipped ObjectReference
OnGainLOS Form RegisterForLOS, RegisterForSingleLOSGain
OnGetUp Actor
OnGrab ObjectReference
OnHit ObjectReference
OnItemAdded ObjectReference
OnItemRemoved ObjectReference
OnKeyDownSKSE Form RegisterForKey, UnregisterForKey, UnregisterForAllKeys
OnKeyUpSKSE Form RegisterForKey, UnregisterForKey, UnregisterForAllKeys
OnLoad ObjectReference
OnLocationChange Actor
OnLockStateChanged ObjectReference
OnLostLOS Form RegisterForLOS, RegisterForSingleLOSLost
OnMagicEffectApply ObjectReference
OnMenuCloseSKSE Form RegisterForMenu, UnregisterForMenu
OnMenuOpenSKSE Form RegisterForMenu, UnregisterForMenu
OnNiNodeUpdateSKSE ActiveMagicEffect RegisterForNiNodeUpdate, UnregisterForNiNodeUpdate
OnNiNodeUpdateSKSE Alias RegisterForNiNodeUpdate, UnregisterForNiNodeUpdate
OnNiNodeUpdateSKSE Form RegisterForNiNodeUpdate, UnregisterForNiNodeUpdate
OnObjectEquipped Actor
OnObjectUnequipped Actor
OnOpen ObjectReference
OnPackageChange Actor
OnPackageEnd Actor
OnPackageStart Actor
OnPlayerBowShot Actor
OnPlayerCameraStateSKSE Form RegisterForCameraState, UnregisterForCameraState
OnPlayerLoadGame Actor
OnRaceSwitchComplete Actor
OnRead ObjectReference
OnRelease ObjectReference
OnReset ObjectReference
OnSell ObjectReference
OnSit Actor
OnSleepStart Form RegisterForSleep
OnSleepStop Form RegisterForSleep
OnSpellCast ObjectReference
OnStoryActivateActor Quest
OnStoryAddToPlayer Quest
OnStoryArrest Quest
OnStoryAssaultActor Quest
OnStoryBribeNPC Quest
OnStoryCastMagic Quest
OnStoryChangeLocation Quest
OnStoryCraftItem Quest
OnStoryCrimeGold Quest
OnStoryCure Quest
OnStoryDialogue Quest
OnStoryDiscoverDeadBody Quest
OnStoryEscapeJail Quest
OnStoryFlatterNPC Quest
OnStoryHello Quest
OnStoryIncreaseLevel Quest
OnStoryIncreaseSkill Quest
OnStoryInfection Quest
OnStoryIntimidateNPC Quest
OnStoryJail Quest
OnStoryKillActor Quest
OnStoryNewVoicePower Quest
OnStoryPayFine Quest
OnStoryPickLock Quest
OnStoryPlayerGetsFavor Quest
OnStoryRelationshipChange Quest
OnStoryRemoveFromPlayer Quest
OnStoryScript Quest
OnStoryServedTime Quest
OnStoryTrespass Quest
OnTrackedStatsEvent Form
OnTranslationAlmostComplete ObjectReference
OnTranslationComplete ObjectReference
OnTranslationFailed ObjectReference
OnTrapHit ObjectReference
OnTrapHitStart ObjectReference
OnTrapHitStop ObjectReference
OnTrigger ObjectReference
OnTriggerEnter ObjectReference
OnTriggerLeave ObjectReference
OnUnequipped ObjectReference
OnUnload ObjectReference
OnUpdate ActiveMagicEffect
OnUpdate Alias
OnUpdate Form
OnUpdateGameTime Form
OnWardHit ObjectReference
OnActorFallLongDistancePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnActorFallLongDistancePO3 PE SSE Alias
OnActorFallLongDistancePO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
OnActorKilledPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnActorKilledPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnActorKilledPO3 PE SSE Form
OnActorReanimateStartPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnActorReanimateStartPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnActorReanimateStartPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
OnActorReanimateStopPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnActorReanimateStopPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnActorReanimateStopPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
OnActorResurrectedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnActorResurrectedPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnActorResurrectedPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
OnBookReadPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnBookReadPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnBookReadPO3 PE SSE Form
OnCellFullyLoadedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnCellFullyLoadedPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnCellFullyLoadedPO3 PE SSE Form
OnCriticalHitPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnCriticalHitPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnCriticalHitPO3 PE SSE Form
OnDisarmedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnDisarmedPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnDisarmedPO3 PE SSE Form
OnDragonSoulGainedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnDragonSoulGainedPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnDragonSoulGainedPO3 PE SSE Form
OnHitExPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnHitExPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnHitExPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
OnItemCraftedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnItemCraftedPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnItemCraftedPO3 PE SSE Form
OnItemHarvestedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnItemHarvestedPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnItemHarvestedPO3 PE SSE Form
OnLevelIncreasePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnLevelIncreasePO3 PE SSE Alias
OnLevelIncreasePO3 PE SSE Form
OnLocationDiscoveryPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnLocationDiscoveryPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnLocationDiscoveryPO3 PE SSE Form
OnMagicEffectApplyExPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnMagicEffectApplyExPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnMagicEffectApplyExPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
OnMagicHitPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnMagicHitPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnMagicHitPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
OnObjectGrabPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnObjectGrabPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnObjectGrabPO3 PE SSE Form
OnObjectLoadedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnObjectLoadedPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnObjectLoadedPO3 PE SSE Form
OnObjectReleasePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnObjectReleasePO3 PE SSE Alias
OnObjectReleasePO3 PE SSE Form
OnObjectUnloadedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnObjectUnloadedPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnObjectUnloadedPO3 PE SSE Form
OnPlayerShoutAttackPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnPlayerShoutAttackPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnPlayerShoutAttackPO3 PE SSE Form
OnProjectileHitPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnProjectileHitPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnProjectileHitPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
OnQuestStageChangePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnQuestStageChangePO3 PE SSE Alias
OnQuestStageChangePO3 PE SSE Form
OnQuestStartPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnQuestStartPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnQuestStartPO3 PE SSE Form
OnQuestStopPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnQuestStopPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnQuestStopPO3 PE SSE Form
OnSkillIncreasePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnSkillIncreasePO3 PE SSE Alias
OnSkillIncreasePO3 PE SSE Form
OnSoulTrappedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnSoulTrappedPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnSoulTrappedPO3 PE SSE Form
OnSpellLearnedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnSpellLearnedPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnWeaponHitPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnWeaponHitPO3 PE SSE Alias
OnWeaponHitPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
OnWeatherChangePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
OnWeatherChangePO3 PE SSE Alias
OnWeatherChangePO3 PE SSE Form
OpenCustomMenuSKSE UI
OpenInventory Actor
OpenUserLog Debug
OverBudget Utility
ObjRefArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil ObjectReference[]

P[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Description
PathToReference Actor
Pause SoundCategory
PlaceActorAtMe ObjectReference
PlaceAtMe ObjectReference
Play EffectShader
Play Sound
Play VisualEffect
PlayAndWait Sound
PlayAnimation ObjectReference
PlayAnimationAndWait ObjectReference
PlayBink Game
PlayDebugShaderPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
PlayerKnows Form SetPlayerKnows
PlayerMoveToAndWait Debug
PlayerPayCrimeGold Faction
PlayGamebryoAnimation ObjectReference
PlayIdle Actor
PlayIdleWithTarget Actor
PlayImpactEffect ObjectReference
PlaySubGraphAnimation Actor
PlaySyncedAnimationAndWaitSS ObjectReference
PlaySyncedAnimationSS ObjectReference
PlayTerrainEffect ObjectReference
PopTo ImageSpaceModifier
Pow Math
PrecacheCharGen Game
PrecacheCharGenClear Game
PreventActorDetectingPO3 PE SSE Actor
ProcessTrapHit ObjectReference
PreventActorDetectionPO3 PE SSE Actor
PushActorAway ObjectReference
PushBoolSKSE UICallback
PushBoolASKSE UICallback
PushFloatSKSE UICallback
PushFloatASKSE UICallback
PushIntSKSE UICallback
PushIntASKSE UICallback
PushStringSKSE UICallback
PushStringASKSE UICallback
PathCountPU SE JsonUtil int
PathFloatElementsPU SE JsonUtil float[]
PathFormElementsPU SE JsonUtil form[]
PathIntElementsPU SE JsonUtil int[]
PathMembersPU SE JsonUtil string[]
PathStringElementsPU SE JsonUtil string[]
PrintConsolePU SE MiscUtil
PushActorPU SE PapyrusUtil Actor[]
PushAliasPU SE PapyrusUtil Alias[]
PushBoolPU SE PapyrusUtil bool[]
PushFloatPU SE PapyrusUtil float[]
PushFormPU SE PapyrusUtil Form[]
PushIntPU SE PapyrusUtil int[]
PushObjRefPU SE PapyrusUtil ObjectReference[]
PushStringPU SE PapyrusUtil string[]

Q[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Description
QueryStat Game
QueueNiNodeUpdateSKSE Actor
QuitGame Debug
QuitToMainMenu Game

R[edit | edit source]

Jump to: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-S-T-U-W
Function Member of Description
RadiansToDegrees Math
RampRumble ObjectReference
RandomFloat Utility
RandomInt Utility
RegenerateHeadSKSE Actor
RegisterForActorActionSKSE Form OnActorAction, UnregisterForActorAction
RegisterForAnimationEvent Form OnAnimationEvent, OnAnimationEventUnregistered, UnregisterForAnimationEvent
RegisterForCameraStateSKSE Form OnPlayerCameraState, UnregisterForCameraState
RegisterForControlSKSE Form OnControlDown, OnControlUp, UnregisterForControl, UnregisterForAllControls
RegisterForCrosshairRefSKSE Form GetCurrentCrosshairRef, OnCrosshairRefChange, UnregisterForCrosshairRef
RegisterForKeySKSE Form OnKeyDown, OnKeyUp, UnregisterForKey, UnregisterForAllKeys
RegisterForLOS Form OnGainLOS, OnLostLOS, UnregisterForLOS
RegisterForMenuSKSE Form OnMenuOpen, OnMenuClose
RegisterForModEventSKSE Form SendModEvent
RegisterForNiNodeUpdateSKSE ActiveMagicEffect OnNiNodeUpdate, UnregisterForNiNodeUpdate
RegisterForNiNodeUpdateSKSE Alias OnNiNodeUpdate, UnregisterForNiNodeUpdate
RegisterForNiNodeUpdateSKSE Form OnNiNodeUpdate, UnregisterForNiNodeUpdate
RegisterForSingleLOSGain Form OnGainLOS
RegisterForSingleLOSLost Form OnLostLOS
RegisterForSingleUpdate Form OnUpdate
RegisterForSingleUpdateGameTime Form OnUpdateGameTime
RegisterForSleep Form OnSleepStart, OnSleepStop
RegisterForTrackedStatsEvent Form OnTrackedStatsEvent, UnregisterForTrackedStatsEvent
RegisterForUpdate Form OnUpdate, UnregisterForUpdate
RegisterForUpdateGameTime Form OnUpdateGameTime, UnregisterForUpdateGameTime
ReleaseSKSE UICallback
ReleaseKeySKSE Input
ReleaseOverride Weather
RemoteCast Spell
Remove ImageSpaceModifier
Remove MusicType
RemoveAddedForm FormList
RemoveAllInventoryEventFilters ObjectReference
RemoveAllItems ObjectReference
RemoveCrossFade ImageSpaceModifier
RemoveFromAllFactions Actor
RemoveFromFaction Actor
RemoveHavokConstraints Game
RemoveInventoryEventFilter ObjectReference
RemoveItem ObjectReference
RemovePerk Actor
RemoveShout Actor
RemoveSlotFromMaskSKSE Armor
RemoveSpell Actor
RequestAutoSave Game
RequestModel Game
RequestSave Game
Reset Cell
Reset ObjectReference
Reset Quest
ResetHealthAndLimbs Actor
ResetHelpMessage Message
ResizeAliasArraySKSE Utility
ResizeBoolArraySKSE Utility
ResizeFloatArraySKSE Utility
ResizeFormArraySKSE Utility
ResizeIntArraySKSE Utility
ResizeStringArraySKSE Utility
RestoreActorValue Actor
Resurrect Actor
Revert FormList
Revert LeveledActor
Revert LeveledItem
Revert LeveledSpell
RightShiftSKSE Math LeftShift
RegisterForActorFallLongDistancePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForActorFallLongDistancePO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForActorFallLongDistancePO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForActorKilledPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForActorKilledPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForActorKilledPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForActorReanimateStartPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForActorReanimateStartPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForActorReanimateStartPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForActorReanimateStopPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForActorReanimateStopPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForActorReanimateStopPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForActorResurrectedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForActorResurrectedPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForActorResurrectedPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForBookReadPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForBookReadPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForBookReadPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForCellFullyLoadedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForCellFullyLoadedPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForCellFullyLoadedPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForCriticalHitPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForCriticalHitPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForCriticalHitPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForDisarmedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForDisarmedPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForDisarmedPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForDragonSoulGainedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForDragonSoulGainedPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForDragonSoulGainedPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForHitEventExPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForHitEventExPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForHitEventExPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForItemCraftedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForItemCraftedPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForItemCraftedPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForItemHarvestedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForItemHarvestedPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForItemHarvestedPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForLevelIncreasePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForLevelIncreasePO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForLevelIncreasePO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForLocationDiscoveryPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForLocationDiscoveryPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForLocationDiscoveryPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForMagicEffectApplyExPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForMagicEffectApplyExPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForMagicEffectApplyExPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForMagicHitPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForMagicHitPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForMagicHitPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForObjectGrabPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForObjectGrabPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForObjectGrabPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForObjectLoadedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForObjectLoadedPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForObjectLoadedPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForProjectileHitPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForProjectileHitPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForProjectileHitPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForQuestPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForQuestPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForQuestPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForQuestStagePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForQuestStagePO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForQuestStagePO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForShoutAttackPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForShoutAttackPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForShoutAttackPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForSkillIncreasePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForSkillIncreasePO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForSkillIncreasePO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForSoulTrappedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForSoulTrappedPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForSoulTrappedPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForSpellLearnedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForSpellLearnedPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForWeaponHitPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForWeaponHitPO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForWeaponHitPO3 PE SSE Form
RegisterForWeatherChangePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
RegisterForWeatherChangePO3 PE SSE Alias
RegisterForWeatherChangePO3 PE SSE Form
RemoveAddedSpellsPO3 PE SSE Actor
RemoveAllModItemsPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
RemoveBasePerkPO3 PE SSE Actor
RemoveBaseSpellPO3 PE SSE Actor
RemoveEffectItemFromEnchantmentPO3 PE SSE Enchantment
RemoveEffectItemFromPotionPO3 PE SSE Potion
RemoveEffectItemFromScrollPO3 PE SSE Scroll
RemoveEffectItemFromSpellPO3 PE SSE Spell
RemoveKeywordFromRefPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
RemoveKeywordOnFormPO3 PE SSE Form
RemoveMagicEffectFromEnchantmentPO3 PE SSE Enchantment
RemoveMagicEffectFromPotionPO3 PE SSE Potion
RemoveMagicEffectFromScrollPO3 PE SSE Scroll
RemoveMagicEffectFromSpellPO3 PE SSE Spell
RemovePackageIdlePO3 PE SSE Package
ReplaceArmorTextureSetPO3 PE SSE Actor
ReplaceFaceTextureSetPO3 PE SSE Actor
ReplaceKeywordOnFormPO3 PE SSE Form
ReplaceKeywordOnRefPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
ReplaceSkinTextureSetPO3 PE SSE Actor
ResetActor3DPO3 PE SSE Actor
ResetActorDetectingPO3 PE SSE Actor
ResetActorDetectionPO3 PE SSE Actor
ReadFromFilePU SE MiscUtil string
RemoveActorPU SE PapyrusUtil Actor[]
RemoveAliasPU SE PapyrusUtil Alias[]
RemoveAllPackageOverridePU SE ActorUtil int
RemoveBoolPU SE PapyrusUtil bool[]
RemoveDupeActorPU SE PapyrusUtil Actor[]
RemoveDupeAliasPU SE PapyrusUtil Alias[]
RemoveDupeFloatPU SE PapyrusUtil float[]
RemoveDupeFormPU SE PapyrusUtil Form[]
RemoveDupeIntPU SE PapyrusUtil int[]
RemoveDupeObjRefPU SE PapyrusUtil ObjectReference[]
RemoveDupeStringPU SE PapyrusUtil string[]
RemoveFloatPU SE PapyrusUtil float[]
RemoveFormPU SE PapyrusUtil Form[]
RemoveIntPU SE PapyrusUtil int[]
RemoveObjRefPU SE PapyrusUtil ObjectReference[]
RemovePackageOverridePU SE ActorUtil bool
RemoveStringPU SE PapyrusUtil string[]
ResizeActorArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil Actor[]
ResizeAliasArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil Alias[]
ResizeBoolArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil bool[]
ResizeFloatArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil float[]
ResizeFormArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil Form[]
ResizeIntArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil int[]
ResizeObjRefArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil ObjectReference[]
ResizeStringArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil string[]

S[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Description
SaveGameSKSE Game
Say ObjectReference
SendSKSE UICallback
SendAnimationEvent Debug
SendAssaultAlarm Actor
SendAssaultAlarm Faction
SendModEventSKSE Form
SendPlayerToJail Faction
SendStealAlarm ObjectReference
SendStoryEvent Keyword
SendStoryEventAndWait Keyword
SendTrespassAlarm Actor
SendWereWolfTransformation Game
ServeTime Game
SetActive Quest
SetActive Weather
SetActorCause ObjectReference
SetActorOwner Cell
SetActorOwner ObjectReference
SetActorValue Actor
SetAlert Actor
SetAllowFlying Actor
SetAllowFlyingEx Actor
SetAllowFlyingMountLandingRequests Game
SetAllowPCDialogueSKSE Race
SetAllowPickpocketSKSE Race
SetAlly Faction
SetAlpha Actor
SetAngle ObjectReference
SetAnimationVariableBool ObjectReference
SetAnimationVariableFloat ObjectReference
SetAnimationVariableInt ObjectReference
SetArmorRatingSKSE Armor
SetAttackActorOnSight Actor
SetAvoidsRoadsSKSE Race
SetBaseDamageSKSE Weapon
SetBeastForm Game
SetBribed Actor
SetCameraTarget Game
SetCantOpenDoorsSKSE Race
SetClassSKSE ActorBase
SetCleared Location
SetCombatStyleSKSE ActorBase
SetCrimeFaction Actor
SetCrimeGold Faction
SetCrimeGoldViolent Faction
SetCritDamageSKSE Weapon
SetCriticalStage Actor
SetCurrentStageID Quest
SetDefaultVoiceTypeSKSE Race
SetDestroyed ObjectReference
SetDoingFavor Actor
SetDontMove Actor
SetEnchantmentSKSE Armor
SetEnchantmentSKSE Weapon
SetEnemy Faction
SetEssential ActorBase
SetExpressionOverride Actor
SetEyeTexture Actor
SetFacePresetSKSE ActorBase
SetFactionOwner Cell
SetFactionOwner ObjectReference
SetFactionRank Actor
SetFogColor Cell
SetFogPlanes Cell
SetFogPower Cell
SetFootIK Debug
SetForcedLandingMarker Actor
SetFrequency SoundCategory
SetGameSettingBoolSKSE Game
SetGameSettingFloatSKSE Game
SetGameSettingIntSKSE Game
SetGameSettingStringSKSE Game
SetGhost Actor
SetGodMode Debug
SetGoldValueSKSE Form
SetHairColorSKSE ActorBase
SetHeadTracking Actor
SetHeightSKSE ActorBase
SetHudCartMode Game
SetInChargen Game
SetINIBool Utility
SetINIFloat Utility
SetINIInt Utility
SetINIString Utility
SetInstanceVolume Sound
SetIntimidated Actor
SetInvulnerable ActorBase
SetItemChargeSKSE ObjectReference
SetKeywordData Location
SetLockLevel ObjectReference
SetLookAt Actor
SetMaxRangeSKSE Weapon
SetMinRangeSKSE Weapon
SetModelPathSKSE Armor
SetModelPathSKSE Weapon
SetMotionType ObjectReference
SetNameSKSE Form
SetNoBleedoutRecovery Actor
SetNoCombatInWaterSKSE Race
SetNoShadowSKSE Race
SetNoFavorAllowed ObjectReference
SetNotShowOnStealthMeter Actor
SetNthEntryValueSKSE Perk
SetNthHeadPartSKSE ActorBase
SetNthIngredientSKSE ConstructibleObject
SetNthIngredientQuantitySKSE ConstructibleObject
SetObjectiveCompleted Quest
SetObjectiveDisplayed Quest
SetObjectiveFailed Quest
SetOpen ObjectReference
SetOutfit Actor
SetOutfit ActorBase
SetPCAllowDialogueSKSE Race
SetPerkPointsSKSE Game
SetPlayerAIDriven Game
SetPlayerControls Actor
SetPlayerEnemy Faction
SetPlayerExpelled Faction
SetPlayerKnowsSKSE Form PlayerKnows
SetPlayerLevelSKSE Game
SetPlayerReportCrime Game
SetPlayerResistingArrest Actor
SetPlayerTeammate Actor
SetPosition ObjectReference
SetProtected ActorBase
SetPublic Cell
SetRace Actor
SetRaceFlagSKSE Race
SetReachSKSE Weapon
SetReaction Faction
SetRelationshipRank Actor
SetRestrained Actor
SetResultSKSE ConstructibleObject
SetResultQuantitySKSE ConstructibleObject
SetScale ObjectReference
SetSittingRotation Game
SetSkinSKSE Race
SetSlotMaskSKSE Armor
SetSpeedSKSE Weapon
SetStaggerSKSE Weapon
SetStringSKSE UI
SetSubGraphFloatVariable Actor
SetSunGazeImageSpaceModifier Game
SetUnconscious Actor
SetValue GlobalVariable
SetValueInt GlobalVariable
SetVehicle Actor
SetVoiceRecoveryTime Actor
SetVolume SoundCategory
SetWeaponTypeSKSE Weapon
SetWeightSKSE ActorBase
SetWeightSKSE Form
SetWeightClassSKSE Armor
SetWorkbenchKeywordSKSE ConstructibleObject
SetWorldModelPathSKSE Form HasWorldModel, GetWorldModelPath
SetWorldModelNthTextureSet Form
ShakeCamera Game
ShakeController Game
SheatheWeaponSKSE Actor
Show Message
ShowAsHelpMessage Message
ShowBarterMenu Actor
ShowFirstPersonGeometry Game
ShowGiftMenu Actor
ShowHelpMessage Game
ShowLimitedRaceMenu Game
ShowRaceMenu Game
ShowTitleSequenceMenu Game
ShowTrainingMenu Game
Sin Math
SplineTranslateTo ObjectReference
SplineTranslateToRef ObjectReference
SplineTranslateToRefNode ObjectReference
Sqrt Math
Start Quest
Start Scene
StartCannibal Actor
StartCombat Actor
StartDeferredKill Actor
StartFrameRateCapture Utility CaptureFrameRate, EndFrameRateCapture
StartObjectProfiling Form StopObjectProfiling
StartScriptProfiling Debug
StartSneaking Actor
StartStackProfiling Debug
StartTitleSequence Game
StartVampireFeed Actor
Stop EffectShader
Stop Quest
Stop Scene
Stop VisualEffect
StopCombat Actor
StopCombatAlarm Actor
StopInstance Sound
StopObjectProfiling Form StartObjectProfiling
StopScriptProfiling Debug
StopStackProfiling Debug
StopTranslation ObjectReference
SubstringSKSE StringUtil
ScaleObject3DPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
SetActorRefractionPO3 PE SSE Actor
SetAddonModelPO3 PE SSE EffectShader
SetArtObjectPO3 PE SSE VisualEffect
SetAssociatedFormPO3 PE SSE MagicEffect
SetBaseObjectPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
SetCellNorthRotationPO3 PE SSE Cell
SetCollisionLayerPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
SetDeathItemPO3 PE SSE ActorBase
SetDoorDestinationPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
SetEffectShaderDurationPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
SetEffectShaderFlagPO3 PE SSE EffectShader
SetEquippedWeaponPoisonPO3 PE SSE Actor
SetEquippedWeaponPoisonCountPO3 PE SSE Actor
SetFootstepSetPO3 PE SSE ArmorAddon
SetHairColorPO3 PE SSE Actor
SetHazardArtPO3 PE SSE Hazard
SetHazardFlagPO3 PE SSE Hazard
SetHazardIMODPO3 PE SSE Hazard
SetHazardIMODRadiusPO3 PE SSE Hazard
SetHazardIPDSPO3 PE SSE Hazard
SetHazardLifetimePO3 PE SSE Hazard
SetHazardLightPO3 PE SSE Hazard
SetHazardLimitPO3 PE SSE Hazard
SetHazardRadiusPO3 PE SSE Hazard
SetHazardSoundPO3 PE SSE Hazard
SetHazardSpellPO3 PE SSE Hazard
SetHazardTargetIntervalPO3 PE SSE Hazard
SetHeadPartAlphaPO3 PE SSE Actor
SetHeadPartTextureSetPO3 PE SSE Actor
SetLightColorPO3 PE SSE Light
SetLightFadePO3 PE SSE Light
SetLightFOVPO3 PE SSE Light
SetLightingTemplatePO3 PE SSE Cell
SetLightRadiusPO3 PE SSE Light
SetLightRGBPO3 PE SSE Light
SetLightShadowDepthBiasPO3 PE SSE Light
SetLightTypePO3 PE SSE Light
SetLinearVelocityPO3 PE SSE Actor
SetLinkedRefPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
SetLocalGravityPO3 PE SSE Game
SetLocalGravityActorPO3 PE SSE Actor
SetMagicEffectSoundPO3 PE SSE MagicEffect
SetMaterialTypePO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
SetMembraneColorKeyDataPO3 PE SSE EffectShader
SetMembraneFillTexturePO3 PE SSE EffectShader
SetMembraneHolesTexturePO3 PE SSE EffectShader
SetMembranePaletteTexturePO3 PE SSE EffectShader
SetParentLocationPO3 PE SSE Location
SetParticleColorKeyDataPO3 PE SSE EffectShader
SetParticleFullCountPO3 PE SSE EffectShader
SetParticlePaletteTexturePO3 PE SSE EffectShader
SetParticlePersistentCountPO3 PE SSE EffectShader
SetParticleShaderTexturePO3 PE SSE EffectShader
SetProjectileGravityPO3 PE SSE PO3_SKSEFunctions
SetProjectileImpactForcePO3 PE SSE PO3_SKSEFunctions
SetProjectileRangePO3 PE SSE PO3_SKSEFunctions
SetProjectileSpeedPO3 PE SSE PO3_SKSEFunctions
SetReadFlagPO3 PE SSE Book
SetRecordFlagPO3 PE SSE Form
SetShaderTypePO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
SetSkinAlphaPO3 PE SSE Actor
SetSkinColorPO3 PE SSE Actor
SetSoulTrappedPO3 PE SSE Actor
SetSoundDescriptorPO3 PE SSE Sound
SetSpellCastingTypePO3 PE SSE Spell
SetSpellDeliveryTypePO3 PE SSE Spell
SetupBodyPartGeometryPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
SortArrayStringPO3 PE SSE Array
StopAllShadersPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
StopArtObjectPO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
StringToIntPO3 PE SSE String
SavePU SE JsonUtil bool
ScanCellActorsPU SE MiscUtil Actor[]
ScanCellNPCsPU SE MiscUtil Actor[]
ScanCellNPCsByFactionPU SE MiscUtil Actor[]
ScanCellObjectsPU SE MiscUtil ObjectReference[]
SetFloatValuePU SE JsonUtil float
SetFormValuePU SE JsonUtil form
SetFreeCameraSpeedPU SE MiscUtil
SetFreeCameraStatePU SE MiscUtil
SetIntValuePU SE JsonUtil int
SetMenusPU SE MiscUtil
SetPathFloatArrayPU SE JsonUtil
SetPathFloatValuePU SE JsonUtil
SetPathFormArrayPU SE JsonUtil
SetPathFormValuePU SE JsonUtil
SetPathIntArrayPU SE JsonUtil
SetPathIntValuePU SE JsonUtil
SetPathStringArrayPU SE JsonUtil
SetPathStringValuePU SE JsonUtil
SetRawPathValuePU SE JsonUtil bool
SetStringValuePU SE JsonUtil string
SignFloatPU SE PapyrusUtil float
SignIntPU SE PapyrusUtil int
SliceActorArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil Actor[]
SliceAliasArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil Alias[]
SliceBoolArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil bool[]
SliceFloatArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil float[]
SliceFormArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil Form[]
SliceIntArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil int[]
SliceObjRefArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil ObjectReference[]
SliceStringArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil string[]
SortFloatArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil
SortIntArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil
SortStringArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil
StringArrayPU SE PapyrusUtil string[]
StringJoinPU SE PapyrusUtil string
StringListAddPU SE JsonUtil int
StringListClearPU SE JsonUtil int
StringListCopyPU SE JsonUtil bool
StringListCountPU SE JsonUtil int
StringListCountValuePU SE JsonUtil int
StringListFindPU SE JsonUtil int
StringListGetPU SE JsonUtil String
StringListHasPU SE JsonUtil bool
StringListInsertAtPU SE JsonUtil bool
StringListRandomPU SE JsonUtil string
StringListRemovePU SE JsonUtil int
StringListRemoveAtPU SE JsonUtil bool
StringListResizePU SE JsonUtil int
StringListSetPU SE JsonUtil String
StringListSlicePU SE JsonUtil
StringListToArrayPU SE JsonUtil string[]
StringSplitPU SE PapyrusUtil string[]

T[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Description
Tan Math
TapKeySKSE Input
TeachWord Game
TempCloneSKSE Form
TetherToHorse ObjectReference
ToggleAI Debug
ToggleChildNodePO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
ToggleCollisions Debug
ToggleHairWigsPO3 PE SSE Actor
ToggleMenus Debug
Trace Debug
TraceAndBox Debug
TraceConditional Debug
TraceStack Debug
TraceUser Debug
TranslateTo ObjectReference
TranslateToRef ObjectReference
TrapSoul Actor
TriggerScreenBlood Game
TryToAddToFaction ReferenceAlias
TryToClear ReferenceAlias
TryToDisable ReferenceAlias
TryToDisableNoWait ReferenceAlias
TryToEnable ReferenceAlias
TryToEnableNoWait ReferenceAlias
TryToEvaluatePackage ReferenceAlias
TryToKill ReferenceAlias
TryToMoveTo ReferenceAlias
TryToRemoveFromFaction ReferenceAlias
TryToReset ReferenceAlias
TryToStopCombat ReferenceAlias
ToggleFreeCameraPU SE MiscUtil

U[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Description
UnequipAll Actor
UnequipItem Actor
UnequipItemExSKSE Actor
UnequipItemSlot Actor
UnequipShout Actor
UnequipSpell Actor
UnlockOwnedDoorsInCell Actor
UnlockWord Game
UnMute SoundCategory
UnPause SoundCategory
UnregisterForActorActionSKSE Form
UnregisterForAllControlsSKSE Form RegisterForControl, UnregisterForControl
UnregisterForAllKeysSKSE Form RegisterForKey, UnregisterForKey
UnregisterForAllMenusSKSE Form RegisterForMenu, UnregisterForMenu
UnregisterForAnimationEvent Form RegisterForAnimationEvent
UnregisterForCameraStateSKSE Form RegisterForCameraState
UnregisterForControlSKSE Form RegisterForControl, UnregisterForAllControls
UnregisterForCrosshairRefSKSE Form GetCurrentCrosshairRef, OnCrosshairRefChange, RegisterForCrosshairRef
UnregisterForKeySKSE Form RegisterForKey, UnregisterForAllKeys
UnregisterForLOS Form RegisterForLOS
UnregisterForMenuSKSE Form RegisterForMenu
UnregisterForNiNodeUpdateSKSE Form RegisterForNiNodeUpdate
UnregisterForSleep Form RegisterForSleep
UnregisterForTrackedStatsEvent Form RegisterForTrackedStatsEvent
UnregisterForUpdate Form RegisterForUpdate, RegisterForSingleUpdate
UnregisterForUpdateGameTime Form RegisterForUpdateGameTime
UpdateCurrentInstanceGlobal Quest
UpdateHairColorSKSE Game
UpdateWeightSKSE Actor
UsingGamepad Game
UnequipAllOfTypePO3 PE SSE Actor
UnmarkItemAsFavoritePO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForActorFallLongDistancePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForActorFallLongDistancePO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForActorFallLongDistancePO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForActorKilledPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForActorKilledPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForActorKilledPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForActorReanimateStartPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForActorReanimateStartPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForActorReanimateStartPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForActorReanimateStopPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForActorReanimateStopPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForActorReanimateStopPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForActorResurrectedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForActorResurrectedPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForActorResurrectedPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForAllHitEventsExPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForAllHitEventsExPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForAllHitEventsExPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForAllMagicEffectApplyExPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForAllMagicEffectApplyExPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForAllMagicEffectApplyExPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForAllObjectsLoadedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForAllObjectsLoadedPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForAllObjectsLoadedPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForAllQuestsPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForAllQuestsPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForAllQuestsPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForAllQuestStagesPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForAllQuestStagesPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForAllQuestStagesPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForBookReadPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForBookReadPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForBookReadPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForCellFullyLoadedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForCellFullyLoadedPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForCellFullyLoadedPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForCriticalHitPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForCriticalHitPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForCriticalHitPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForDisarmedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForDisarmedPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForDisarmedPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForDragonSoulGainedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForDragonSoulGainedPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForDragonSoulGainedPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForHitEventExPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForHitEventExPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForHitEventExPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForItemCraftedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForItemCraftedPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForItemCraftedPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForItemHarvestedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForItemHarvestedPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForItemHarvestedPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForLevelIncreasePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForLevelIncreasePO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForLevelIncreasePO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForLocationDiscoveryPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForLocationDiscoveryPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForLocationDiscoveryPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForMagicEffectApplyExPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForMagicEffectApplyExPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForMagicEffectApplyExPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForMagicHitPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForMagicHitPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForMagicHitPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForObjectGrabPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForObjectGrabPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForObjectGrabPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForObjectLoadedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForObjectLoadedPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForObjectLoadedPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForProjectileHitPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForProjectileHitPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForProjectileHitPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForQuestPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForQuestPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForQuestPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForQuestStagePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForQuestStagePO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForQuestStagePO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForShoutAttackPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForShoutAttackPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForShoutAttackPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForSkillIncreasePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForSkillIncreasePO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForSkillIncreasePO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForSoulTrappedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForSoulTrappedPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForSoulTrappedPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForSpellLearnedPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForSpellLearnedPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForWeaponHitPO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForWeaponHitPO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForWeaponHitPO3 PE SSE Form
UnregisterForWeatherChangePO3 PE SSE ActiveMagicEffect
UnregisterForWeatherChangePO3 PE SSE Alias
UnregisterForWeatherChangePO3 PE SSE Form
UpdateHitEffectArtNodePO3 PE SSE ObjectReference
UnloadPU SE JsonUtil bool
UnsetFloatValuePU SE JsonUtil bool
UnsetFormValuePU SE JsonUtil bool
UnsetIntValuePU SE JsonUtil bool
UnsetStringValuePU SE JsonUtil bool

W[edit | edit source]

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Function Member of Description
Wait Utility
WaitForAnimationEvent ObjectReference
WaitGameTime Utility
WaitMenuMode Utility
WillIntimidateSucceed Actor
WornHasKeyword Actor
WrapFloatPU SE PapyrusUtil float
WrapIntPU SE PapyrusUtil int
WriteToFilePU SE MiscUtil bool